TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson Sophie Chang initiated donations of Contactless Testing Stations to protect the frontline healthcare providers.
TSMC Charity Foundation donated Contactless Testing Stations to ensure the safety of frontline healthcare providers.
Students met with teacher online through TSMC Charity Foundation donated laptops.
TSMC Charity Foundation provided 3,000 boxes of food to rural locations that had long been supported by the Foundation.

TSMC Charity Foundation’s Three Stages of COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention

Support Society to Combat the Pandemic with Practical Actions for Healthcare, Education for the Disadvantaged, and Support in the Daily Life Activities
Brad Peng
Ryan Chao
Rui-Ling Lee

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic started in May 2021 in Taiwan, resulting in nationwide Level 3 restrictions. The TSMC Charity Foundation continues to provide care for the society and make contributions in three major areas: healthcare, rural education, and care for the disadvantaged.

Stage 1: Donation of 14 Contactless Testing Stations to Support Healthcare Workers in Protecting Taiwan

To help protect frontline healthcare providers, the TSMC Charity Foundation has donated 10 contactless testing stations with estimated worth of NT$80 million to hospitals in counties and cities including Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Tainan, and epicenters of COIVD in Taipei/New Taipei City and Changhua, providing healthcare workers with a safe place to conduct tests, effectively preventing them from contact with the virus and reducing the risk of infection. The contactless testing stations operate efficiently and can provide testing results within 25 minutes, effectively accelerating the COVID testing, tracing and treatment. , and also donated 4 testing stations after TSMC Charity Foundation’s initiative. In total, 14 testing stations have been donated to help increase the capacity of Taiwan’s healthcare system.

TSMC Charity Foundation chairperson Sophie Chang also noticed the need for oxygen therapy treatments in epicenters. She led the Foundation in making donations of 400 oxygen generators to Taipei/New Taipei City governments and the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for them to distribute to hospitals and hotels that are used as respite centers, as well as 25,000 to hospitals and the Taiwan Union of Nurses Association, which helps to provide long-term care for the elderly under the Foundation's "Networking of love." In addition, the TSMC Charity Foundation contributed to support India during the outbreak of COVID-19 in April and May 2021, working with the Company to donate 1,000 oxygen generators to help India get through challenging times.

Adequate testing capacity is the key to COVID-19 pandemic control and prevention. We’re grateful for the generous support of TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson Sophie Chang. The timely donation of contactless testing stations from TSMC to the NTUH medical team is most in need.

- Ming-Shiang Wu, Superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital

Stage 2: Donation of Thousands of Laptops and IP Sharers for Distance Learning in Rural Area

During the pandemic, TSMC Charity Foundation also continued to provide learning resources for children in rural areas, working with Microsoft Taiwan Corporation and Lenovo Technology B.V. Taiwan Branch (Netherlands) to donate 1,000 laptops and tablets within a week. Meanwhile, the Foundation worked with Alpha Networks to donate 1,000 IP sharers and Internet resources, and also worked with A & B International to develop and provide 1,600 distance learning material packages to TSMC Charity Foundation supported schools and after-school classes. In addition to the tangible resources, TSMC Charity Foundation also collaborated with Global Views Educational Foundation to donate 400 subscriptions to online learning platforms for one year, helping teachers access to online training during the pandemic.

TSMC Charity Foundation's support made us believe that as long as we work together, we can win the fight against the pandemic without leaving any child behind.

- Yuyun Liao, Principal of Kaohsiung Municipal Gushan Senior High School

Stage 3: Donation of Food Packages to the Disadvantaged and Prevent Hunger While They Stay Home

Regarding care for the disadvantaged, TSMC Charity Foundation worked with the partners of Cherish Food Program, including CHIMEI Frozen Food, Hsin Tung Yang, Laurel Corporation, Lian Hwa Foods, and Hunya Foods, to provide almost 2,000 prepared meals to elders at 12 social welfare institutes. The Foundation also collaborated with 1919 Food Bank to cover shipping costs to 160 locations and provide 3,000 boxes of food to rural locations that have long been supported by the Foundation, helping children survive the pandemic.

We’re grateful for the support of TSMC Charity Foundation. These invaluable food packages are extremely helpful for many disadvantaged families.

- Mei-ju Chen, Executive Director of Taiwan Association of Paying Love Forward