TSMC higher-ranking executives visited the venue of the second "Big Love Charity Sharing Session"
TSMC Chairman Dr. Morris Chang encouraged colleagues to continue devoting themselves to charitable events

The Second "Big Love Charity Sharing Session" Shows TSMC's Achievements in Charity

TSMC Chairman Dr. Morris Chang and TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson Sophie Chang expect colleagues to devote themselves to social care.
Austin Lee

TSMC’s Charity Foundation was officially established in June 2017. On the basis of TSMC Volunteer Program, the foundation focuses on four key themes: caring for the disadvantaged, protecting the environment, caring for the elders, and promoting filial piety. We sincerely hope that we can become the force that uplift society. In the first few years of the inception of TSMC’s Volunteer Program, we had witnessed incredible hardship and now TSMC’s Charity Foundation is a thriving organization. The number of TSMC employees participating in volunteer activities increases year after year, a solid proof of enterprise contribution to social care. In November 2017, we were glad to convene once again the "Big Love Charity Sharing Session," which debuted two years ago. In the session, Chairperson Sophie Chang introduced what TSMC’s Charity Foundation has done since its establishment, and encouraged more colleagues to devote themselves to charity, make changes, and influence society.

100 TSMC Volunteers Provide Their Services around Taiwan Every Week

Founded in 2006 and based on the concept of "selectinga theme and making a long-term commitment," the TSMC Volunteer Program encourages TSMC employees and their families to join the voluntary events. Every week, there were approximately 100 TSMC volunteers working in the forefront, into all corners in Taiwan where people need help. The prodigious mobilization lasted nonstop for 52 weeks every year, accumulating more than 40,000 hours of voluntary service per year. This demonstrates TSMC’s commitments to this land. By understanding people's need and offering actual relief, the volunteers from TSMC Charity Foundation demonstrate their determination via actions and prove that TSMC will never fall behind when it comes to social participation.

Collaborating with the Ministry of Education to Promote the Ethic of Filial Piety

The second "Big Love Charity Sharing Session" started with a short film reviewing TSMC Charity Foundation's major charitable events in 2017 and invited fab representatives to share their achievements that year. Sophie Chang, chairperson of TSMC’s Charity Foundation, attended the event. Besides encouraging colleagues to continue performing their civic duties on behalf of TSMC, Chang addressed the collaboration plan between TSMC’s Charity Foundation and the Ministry of Education to promote the ethic of filial piety and make society cherish it again.

TSMC is always supportive of its employees taking part in happy and wise voluntary events to contribute to the society with actual actions and find a balance between work and life. Like what TSMC Chairman Dr. Morris Chang– has said: "Love is the ultimate motivation. We not only encourage but also hope that we may evoke more love in people. TSMC employees carry the torch for others on this path of charity. Our devotion is not only measured by donations, but also by time and efforts. Because we see with our own eyes and labor with our own hands, we are able to realize what kind of help is needed and where it is."

We hope to evoke the love that lies within every employee of TSMC and spread it ceaselessly.