Students shared their projects with students from other schools at the "AIoT Programming Education Plan for Hsinchu City" outcome presentation.
Students shared their projects with students from other schools at the "AIoT Programming Education Plan for Hsinchu City" outcome presentation.
Students shared their experiences on stage at the outcome presentation.
Group photo taken at the "AIoT Programming Education Plan for Hsinchu City" outcome presentation.

TSMC Charity Foundation Promotes "AIoT Programming Education Plan for Hsinchu City" to Strengthen Local IT Education

Collaborating with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University to Train 84 Seed Teachers at 31 Elementary Schools
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The TSMC Charity Foundation has long focused on science education and strives to provide comprehensive learning resources. In response to the General Guidelines of Curriculum Guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education (108 Curriculum Guidelines) issued by the Ministry of Education, which emphasizes the importance of programming education, the TSMC Charity Foundation worked with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University to promote the "AIoT Programming Education Plan for Hsinchu City” targeted at elementary school students from grades 4 through 6. Through innovative lesson plans designed by teachers, the plan integrated IT with math, history, and PE classes, encouraging students to use Rabboni and the programming software Scratch to develop games filled with creativity, thus enhancing their ability to utilize digital tools. In 2020, the AIoT Programming Education Plan was implemented at 31 elementary schools across Hsinchu City, providing training for 84 seed teachers and benefiting 18,000 students. The AIoT Programming Education Plan will continue to be implemented at elementary schools in Hsinchu County in 2021.

Building a Team of Teachers Through Two Stages of Training: Empowerment and Common Good

The TSMC Charity Foundation implemented training for programming education in two stages: "empowerment" and "common good." In terms of empowerment, the TSMC Charity Foundation provided scholarships to students from National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University to conduct lectures, and use Rabboni sensors containing TSMC-developed chips to provide training for 22 teachers from 5 seed schools recommended by the Department of Education, Hsinchu City Government. Once these seed teachers learned and understood how to design programming classes, they respectively hosted 5 training sessions to teach 62 teachers at 26 other schools, thus expanding the scope of training and helping to build a team of IT teachers.

Training Process for TSMC Charity Foundation "AIoT Programming Education Plan for Hsinchu City"

Through these two stages of training, the "AIoT Programming Education Plan for Hsinchu City" motivated elementary school teachers to develop innovative lesson plans and establish programming and AIoT capabilities in students. The TSMC Charity Foundation hosted an outcome presentation event which selected 8 outstanding projects out of all those submitted by students from 31 schools. Each outstanding project received NT$5,000 in prize, and students from these project teams were invited on stage to share their experiences, further enhancing their learning effectiveness.

Projects Exhibited at the "AIoT Programming Education Plan for Hsinchu City" Outcome Presentation

School Project Description
Beimen Elementary School Rabboni Somatosensory Soccer Game Integrated PE soccer classes and IT classes. Students learned the basic concepts and rules of soccer, then used Rabboni to set directional controls, acceleration speeds, and goal shooting actions for development of a somatosensory soccer game
Beimen Elementary School Fun at Beimen Integrated history and IT classes. Students collected stories, images, recordings, and other materials related to Beimen Elementary School to design a treasure hunt within a maze that helped users learn more about hundred years of history and associated buildings about Beimen Elementary School
Guan-Pu Elementary School Spare No Leftovers In view of problems relating to food wastage from school lunches and insufficient amounts of exercise in students, Rabboni was paired with a somatosensory program to develop a somatosensory game for understanding cooking processes and enhancing exercise benefits
Ximen Elementary School Ximen Home Run Inspired by the school baseball team's repeated success in national competitions, this interactive program was designed to identify whether swing speeds were up to standard
Gau Feng Elementary School Healthy Life for School Dog Libby The school dog Libby had issues with obesity due to overfeeding by students. Three in-app games ("Jump, Libby!" "Healthy eating for Libby," and "Find the ball, Libby") were designed to help users better understand what precautions to take when interacting with Libby

I was amazed by what these students managed to achieve! As long as we use the right methods to promote IT education starting from the elementary school stage, we can start to cultivate IT talent and establish a virtuous cycle for programming education in Hsinchu City.

- Mei-Ying Lin, Superintendent of Department of Education, Hsinchu City Government

Rabboni, which means 'teacher’ or ‘master' in Hebrew, makes AI and programming fundamental abilities for children of the new generation. These technological literacies can be applied in various fields.

- Chiun-Hsun Chen, Vice Principal of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Expanding to Elementary Schools in Hsinchu County: One Seed School in Each Town

The TSMC Charity Foundation will continue to promote AIoT Programming Education Plan. Relevant processes are scheduled to be implemented at Hsinchu County elementary schools in 13 towns to establish at least one seed school in each town through two-stage "empowerment" and "common good" training, strengthening IT education and cultivate well-rounded talent.

Timeline for TSMC Charity Foundation AIoT Programming Education Plan