2nd Careerhack TSMC Workshop in the headquarters of TSMC
2nd Careerhack Microsoft x Unity Workshop in the headquarters of Microsoft Taiwan
In response to COVID-19 pandemic, 2nd Careerhack moved online.

TSMC Pioneers Cross-field Collaboration with Microsoft Taiwan to Hold “Careerhack” Competition

Focusing on the Trend of Digital Transformation, the Two Companies Join Forces to Cultivate Next-generation IT Talents
Tai-Chuan Chen
Andy Chang
Scott Yu

Talent development is one of TSMC's sustainable goals. Under the trend of globalization and digital transformation, demand for IT talents are rising in many industries. To expand and strengthen the resource of new information technology talent, and also attract more outstanding IT talents to join the semiconductor industry, TSMC and Microsoft Taiwan first time jointly organized the “Careerhack” competition in 2020, which encouraged students to demonstrate their IT skills and expertise. In 2021, the event has attracted 955 students from 69 colleges in 10 countries to participate, almost 100 more participants as compared with the 1st Careerhack a year ago. The first- and second-place teams would get job interview or internship opportunities, forming a seamless connection between industry and academia.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated global digital transformation, and many companies are actively using different types of information technologies to change their business models, optimize operational processes, and enhance competitiveness. This year's Careerhack competition focused on key technologies such as Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), mixed reality, and intelligent assistants, allowing students to showcase their skills, gain practical experience, and prepare for their future careers.

- Thomas Chen, Senior Director of Corporate Information Technology, TSMC

There are three major goals we set out for this year’s Careerhack: First, empowering the participating students to connect with world leading companies. Second, raising their tech intensity and enhancing their technical capabilities through workshops and digital tools, while showcasing their innovation and creativity. And lastly, fostering a deeper sense of a growth mindset, gaining unique experience through learning from and working with cross-disciplinary partners and teachers.

- Ken Sun, General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan

Design with Open-ended Questions to Inspire More Creative Applications and Solutions

Under the key theme of "Digital Transformation," the 2nd Careerhack was designed with competition in three categories: Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), Mixed Reality (MR), and AI Chatbot. The 1st Careerhack adopted the questions with standard answers, while this year’s competition adopted the open questions to encourage students to unleash their creativity and technology innovation. The organizer also provided software and hardware platforms such as cloud, Internet of Things equipment, and mixed reality devices during the competition, allowing students to work on the most in-demand technologies and achieve more inspirations to create innovative applications to address the real industry challenges.

Continuously Upgraded "Careerhack"

1st Careerhack Competition 2nd Careerhack Competition
Competition System and Format Individual registration and random grouping Group registration
Key Theme Artificial Intelligent, AI Digital Transformation
Covered Fields
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Labeling with AI
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)
  • Mixed Reality (MR)
  • AI Chatbot
Number of Applicants 852 955
Number of Finalists 92 101
Competition Schedule
  • Preliminary Contest:Online Coding Test
  • Final Contest:
    • 2 workshops
    • 4 hours cloud training course
      A team of experts from Microsoft Taiwan hand-over-hand guided the participating students to learn about cloud technology and applications
    • 2 days hackathon
  • Preliminary Contest:Online Coding Test
  • Final Contest:
    • 2 workshops
    • 4 hours technical training course
      Technical experts from TSMC and Microsoft Taiwan talked about key technologies with participating students in person, answered their questions, and provided practical advice
    • 2 days hackathon (In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we moved competition online)
Award Bonus NT$300,000 NT$300,000

Moving Competition Online Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Became the Best Demonstration of Digital Transformation

The 2nd Careerhack moved online due to COVID-19 pandemic, providing students with cloud platforms to develop and changing the contest venue into a studio within 3 days. Using cloud and video tools and applications, 101 finalists in 27 teams were able to work together simultaneously and remotely, and the final presentations were published in a live broadcast. All things made this online competition the best demonstration of digital transformation.

Winners of 2nd Careerhack

Field of Contest Award Team Name of Final Work Innovation or Benefit
Artificial Intelligence of Things(AIoT) Champion TASKNational Cheng Kung University The Energy Saving Program for Clean Room Based on the results of monitoring the clean room information including the temperature inside / outside, humidity, CO2, power consumption, and cost, to develop an optimized algorithm to automatically adjust ice storage cooling system and achieve the goal of energy saving
Runner-up YACCNational Tsing Hua University
National Central University
Defect Detection By automatically collecting wafer image dataset, to build up TinyML models, enhance the accuracy of wafer defect detection, and clearly identify the defect position
Mixed Reality(MR) Champion 2+1National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
National Cheng Kung University
You Made Eat Using MR technology to visualize ordering system which let the meals show right in front of the customers without changing their aspect ratio. Leveraging “eye tracking” to monitor the length of time that customers linger on the menu, and hence to recommend meals, which can avoid direct service interaction with customers during the pandemic
Runner-up Unicode StudioNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology MR-assisted Restaurant Using HoloLens 2 to build up a virtual restaurant which provides seat indicators to let customers sit by themselves, visualizing models of meals, the ordering system, and the progress of ordered meals
AI Chatbot Champion Sheep in Wolf’s ClothingNational Taiwan University AI Pandemic-prevention Chatbot Providing the information of COVID-19 and consultation service by using AI pandemic-prevention Chatbot to help users get the answers to their questions more quickly
Runner-up Happy PartnersNational Taiwan University
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
ARTificial Intelligence Avoid visiting art museums in person due to the Pandemic. Through ARTificial Intelligence, people can take any pictures in their daily lives and search similar masterpieces and retrieve their information

TSMC is committed to improving the quality and competitiveness of professional talent. Through collaboration with Microsoft Taiwan to organize the Careerhack, we are trying to increase students’ motivation and broaden their perspectives on information technology. Moreover, the winners and participating teams will also get interview opportunities for full-time jobs or internships, which will help to cultivate more outstanding talents for the industry.

I began to study computer vision, deep learning, web service platform and other technologies from postgraduate school. However, I didn’t realize the gap between theory and practical applications until I participated in the Careerhack competition, such as how to design an interface that met users’ needs, the importance of teamwork, and the handling of different urgent issues. Thanks TSMC for providing such a great opportunity to broaden our horizons and truly connect with the industry.

- Ssu Ming Wang, member of champion team of “Labeling with AI” in 1st Careerhack, currently TSMC IT Engineer

Given the context of our hackathon topic was in a restaurant, we hoped to make a product that met the actual customer need. Therefore, we designed a customized food ordering system that can visualize the amount of food. We were glad to learn the latest technologies and how they’re used in real workplace, and achieve a deeper understanding about the field of mixed reality!

- Kuan-Hung Huang, Yi-Ying Wu, Yung-Chih Chiu, members of champion team of “Mixed Reality” in 2nd Careerhack, currently postgraduate school students from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Cheng Kung University

We learned many new technologies and teamwork skills through participating in the workshops and competitions. Even if our team did not get the prize, we have grown a lot during the hackathon. Thanks TSMC and Microsoft Taiwan for providing us great opportunities, resources, and support.

- Hsien-Yu Chiu, student participating in the field of “AI Chatbot” in 2nd Careerhack, currently postgraduate school student from National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Schedule of 2nd Careerhack