Primary selected teams of the TSMC Youth Dream Building Project visited TSMC Museum of Innovation.
Professor Beatrice Chiang and her Design Lab of National Tsing Hua University at the installation of "Aesthetic Cycle" in front of TSMC Museum of Innovation.
In the campaign of "Aesthetic Cycle," the glass recycling machine, installed at the TSMC Headquarters, drew employee's attention and prompted their action toward the environmental sustainability.
Children at the TSMC Kindergarten learned about classifying and recycling waste through interactive games and workshops.

TSMC Youth Dream Building Project: The Next Generation through Repurposing

Leading the Way to Engage Young Generation in Environmental Sustainability, Breaking the Social Impasse through Innovation
Melody Lee

TSMC Education and Culture Foundation (the TSMC Foundation) funds TSMC Youth Dream Building Project, providing an annual NT$3-million grant for dream building projects and encouraging college students to pursue their dreams fearlessly. In 2020, the fifth Youth Dream Building Project focuses on the theme of "The Next Generation through Repurposing" as a response to the global trend of circular economy. Through this year's project, the TSMC Foundation hopes to strike sparks off one another among young people, look for viable solutions, face issues of environmental sustainability, and provide a way out of the current social impasse.

This year's Youth Dream Building Project has attracted the participation of over 100 teams. The proposals presented by the teams cover almost every aspect of our society from creating a popular science column on semiconductors, to reclaimed woods projects, anti-drug campaigns, aboriginal food and agriculture education, and to making animal prosthetics for stray dogs. These innovative ideas are so varied that they have made a great impression on the judging panel. The teams on the final short list will be able to realize their dreams in the coming year. Apart from the competition of innovation propositions, TSMC Youth Dream Building Project also hosts special events, such as "Aesthetic Cycle" and "Environmental Education for Children," in order to amplify the impact.

The Fifth Youth Dream Building Project: the Short-listed Teams

Team Name Project Title Project Content
One Grass Medic Notebook Generation Medic: Self-Media of a Health-conscious Young Person A social media platform that promotes medical knowledge to the general public with interesting and straightforward ways of illustrating complicated medial issues. It aims to raise the public's awareness of health care in easy-to-understand language.
Wood Island Wood Island: Recycling System for Street Trees Give discarded street trees a second life and added value with woodcraft.
Team Good Earth Circular Economical Supply Chain for Regenerating Mushroom Industry Aim to improve the production model of the mushroom industry in Taiwan; solve the problem of agricultural waste generated during the process of production.
Return to the Dream (traditional Atayal bamboo building) An Educational Experience Park for Traditional Food and Agriculture Create an educational park for traditional Atayal food and agriculture, which aims to regenerate traditional Atayal culture so that it takes root and can be known outside the tribe.
The Islanders Island Gramophone Continue the project of the year before, record new podcasts in English, and promote Taiwanese culture. In order to display more diverse aspects of Taiwan, we include more public recording experience, create a Podcast Hatchery, and increase our recordings of various professionals.
Maker for Stray Animals Setting the Strays Straight Custom-make prosthetics for stray animals with special needs by deploying 3-D printing technology so that the stray animals enjoy a better quality of life.
Programming Castle A Budding Programming Project to Turn the Missing Corner of the World Develop educational software programs, nurture programming teachers, promote programming to children in suburban areas, and narrow the educational gap between the urban and the rural areas for kids.
Unemployed Young Generation Also Wants to Work The Last Chance To raise public awareness of the problems faced by Taiwanese athletes in a documentary about the training environment for athletes in Taiwan.

The 8 teams on the shortlist of The Fifth Youth Dream Building Project had their initial one-on-one interviews in January 2021. During the interviews, professional mentors assisted the teams to examine the viability of and possible challenges of executing their proposals while putting forward recommendations. In mid-April, the teams will meet up to share their ideas with one another. In September, the teams will showcase their completed projects and review their execution efficiency and effectiveness, thereby opening up more opportunities for environmental sustainability and increasing the social impact.

A Collaborative Effort to Transform Glass Waste into Works of Art

In order to resonate better with young people and the TSMC employees on the theme of "circular economy," TSMC Education and Culture Foundation initiates a special pilot project of "Aesthetic Cycle." The project invites Spring Pool Glass and Design Lab led by Prof. Beatrice Chiang of National Tsing Hua University to recycle glass waste into recycled bottles and creates an installation of "Aesthetic Cycle." The installation displays icons of Taiwanese landscape and signifies the core concept of "loving nature and respecting the humanity."

Encourage Recycling Glass Waste, Increase Employees' Participation

In order to introduce the knowledge of circular economy to the TSMC employees, TSMC Education and Culture Foundation especially sets up a glass recycling machine at the Company's headquarters, thereby encouraging the employees to put glass waste generated in their everyday life to this machine. Within a short period of time, over a thousand pieces of family glass waste were collected through the machine. For further use of the recycled glass bottle, the TSMC Foundation partners with local farmer, UFD Farm (Wu Fu Den Farm), in Hsinchu County's Emei Township, and gift the organic rice grown from UFD Farm to the employees in the glass bottles made from their own glass waste. The TSMC Foundation wishes to convey the concept of environmental sustainability and deepen the employees' commitment to continuously care about the environment of our homeland.

Education of Sustainability Takes Root, Small Act Big Impact on Earth, TSMC Kindergarten Takes Environmental Actions

As well as the pilot project, the TSMC Foundation also extends the education to our next generation and teaches children the importance of environmental sustainability. The TSMC Foundation invites the Daidai Rebag team, which has won the Youth Dream Building Project award, to run a series of environmental protection activities at the TSMC Kindergarten for half a day. The Daidai Rebag team teaches the children the concepts of environmental protection not only through illustrated books and game playing, but also through repurposing the children's own old clothes into bags. Hence, the children learn how to classify and recycle waste. We expect our next generation would grow to be environmentally friendly through small acts in daily life and put the new generation concepts of environmental education into action.