TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson Sophie Chang Encourages the Network of Love partners.
This year's Network of Love open house event was the first to be planned around different themes; our partners listened diligently to the shared cases.
Network of Love partners exchange their social welfare practices and ideas.
This year's Network of Love open house event was successfully concluded and our partners agreed to meet up again next year.

TSMC Charity Foundation's Network of Love 2.0: Pursuing Service Model Innovations for Being More "Demand-Driven"

Brad Peng
Henry Chiu

The TSMC Charity Foundation built a "Network of Love" program to connect medical resources and care facilities together, aiming to enhance the quality of care and provide care and assistance to disadvantaged seniors and elderly people that live alone. The Network of Love program plans to expand its service scope next year to strengthen its connections with the of the TSMC Charity Foundation. At the 4th Network of Love open house event in 2020, TSMC created a session for experience sharing and exchanging under several different themes, inviting our charity partners to brainstorm ideas for innovative projects implementation to improve care resources and benefits for elderly people living alone, thereby creating more opportunities for collaboration.

Four Themes and Cases of the 4th Network of Love Open House Event

Four Themes Case Sharing Charity Partner Speaker
Rural Education Remote companionship for disadvantaged seniors through an English teaching platform TutorABC Jaaziah Yang
Marketing Department Public Relations Manager
Cherish Food Imperfect produce delivery to disadvantaged seniors Hunya Foods Co., Ltd. Claire Chien
Special Assistant President
Smart Systems Assist daycare centers in building electronic information systems Cloudberry Consultant Corporation Sam Chu
General Manager
Housing Renovations and Installation of Solar Panels Renovation of houses for elderly people living alone in rural areas, as well as assessment and installation of solar panels TSMC Y.H. Ron
Technical Manager of TSMC Public Utilities Service Department

Utilize Tangible and Intangible Resources to Provide Direct Care for Elderly People Living Alone

The TSMC Charity Foundation has long provided support with tangible and intangible resources to rural schools used for remote education and companionship. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the Company considered the feasibility of online education platforms for care of elderly people living alone. At the open house event, TutorABC's manager Jaaziah Yang shared his experiences of collaborating with the TSMC Charity Foundation to promote online English education in rural schools, and also introduced the TutorABC platform, which triggers valuable discussions among different alliances and collaborations with Network of Love partners, and also generates innovative methods to provide remote care for elderly people living alone.

Extended Imperfect Produce Care Sites to Provide Resources for More Disadvantaged Seniors

The TSMC Charity Foundation teaches others to cherish food, and aligns demand and supply through the "Cherish Food Program" as part of its commitment to eradicate hunger and reduce food wast. The number of beneficiaries in 2020 was 34,056 people. Hunya Foods joined the program in 2019, expanding its geographic coverage for imperfect produce delivery to the care sites of Network of Love program through the matching mechanisms and logistic support provided by the TSMC Charity Foundation, helping more disadvantaged seniors obtain food and clothing.

Integrated Smart Management Tools to Simplify Administrative Operations and Enhance Quality of Care

The TSMC Charity Foundation always focuses on rural areas and cares for elderly people living alone. In 2018, the Foundation traveled to various medical institutions across Taiwan and investigated real-life challenges and issues faced by first-line social workers, ultimately deciding to use TSMC's expertise in "technology" to overcome the healthcare workforce shortage. As of 2020, the Company has installed an integrated system for five long-term care institutions and benefited 200 people. The care institutions and medical partners of Network of Love program used to spend a lot of time on recording patient physiological values, medications, and states of motion when providing care for elderly people living alone. Therefore, TSMC worked with Cloudberry Consultant Corporation to help install an integrated smart management systems in daycare centers and , not only digitalizing data and information, but also reducing caregiver data processing time by nine times, thereby improving quality of care for elderly people.

Housing Renovations and Installation of Solar Panel to Build a Safe Living Environment for Seniors

Starting from 2018, the Foundation worked with county and city's social welfare bureau to support the livelihood of disadvantaged families through its Ten Thousand NT Dollars per Household Program. Through periodic volunteer visits, the Foundation found that older houses often had issues with leaks or old pipes. TSMC shared cases where their expertise in factory construction were used for post-disaster renovation projects, helping Network of Love partners provide safer living environments and more comprehensive care for elderly people living alone. In 2020, TSMC completed renovations at 10 houses and installed solar panels at two care institutions for the disadvantaged.

We hope that through sharing under different themes, the power of our Network of Love partners can be expanded to other issues. Where we are needed, we will be there.

- Sophie Chang, TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson

Themed Case Sharing for Creation of Diversified Benefits

Our Network of Love began hosting annual open house events starting from 2017, bringing together all of our partners to share their experiences of caring for elderly people living alone. This year, our "Share Love, Connect Taiwan" open house event extended our four major strategies and focused on four main themes: rural education, cherish food, smart system, and housing renovations and solar panel installation. More than 70 people participated in this event and learned much from one another through case sharing. Several Network of Love partners commented that this themed sharing event helped them better understand how to leverage different resources with different organizations to create diverse benefits, expand our scope of support, and ignite the warmth society.