Students at the Chezhan Elementary School excitedly started using PCs donated by TSMC for online learning.
The Chezhan Elementary School named its computer classroom as “TSMC Computer Classroom” to appreciate TSMC’s help.
TSMC (NJ) donated medical equipment to the Yongning community.

TSMC Nanjing Partners with Public Health Facilities in Fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Zoe Chang

In 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the society, affected and changed the way people lived. During the most difficult time of the pandemic, TSMC leads its subsidiary TSMC (NJ) to fulfill social responsibility, and donated PPE, goggles and medical gloves to front line medical team. After the pandemic is under control, we started to provide support to communities and schools in our neighborhood.

We deeply appreciate TSMC (NJ)’s care and help to Yongning community. This is the largest single donation we received during the pandemic. The medial equipment donated by TSMC (NJ) significantly enhanced the emergency handling capability of our community health system. The donation was a relief to stabilize the pandemic, and it made up for the shortage of medical equipment against COVID-19.

- Mr. Guo Da-Peng, the Manager of the Community Clinic

In addition to creating huge burden on the public health system, COVID-19 brings new challenge to the local education system. Elementary schools near TSMC (NJ) such as Shiqiao Elementary School, Chezhan Elementary School were forced to postpone new semester, and their students could only rely on PCs or tablet PCs for lessons over internet in order to meet the school calendar. During our visit to these communities and schools, we found that these disadvantaged children all came from poor rural families and could not afford the modern electronic gadgets. The schools have no extra budget to provide digital pedagogical facility for these children either. TSMC (NJ), therefore, decided to donate a number of PCs to the computer classrooms of several elementary schools, and for after-school locations to enable them to learn from online. On the day of installation, the children could not wait to start using the PCs. The Chezhan Elementary School appreciated TSMC (NJ)’s help, and named the computer classroom as "TSMC Computer Classroom".

In the face of the challenges from this unprecedented pandemic, TSMC (NJ), under the leadership of President Roger Luo and with the approval of Chairperson Lora Ho, completed the donation. We will continue to monitor the development of this pandemic in the future and join hands with people in the communities to fight against the pandemic.