TSMC Charity Foundation collaborated with Hsin Tung Yang to organize a volunteer chef activity which supplied a delicious feast to residents of the Shuangxi District in the New Taipei City.
TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson Sophie Chang discussed menu items with volunteer chefs as they prepared dishes for local elders of the Shuangxi District in the New Taipei City.

TSMC Joins Hands with Seven Food Companies to Supply Delicious Food to 48 Locations for the Disadvantaged

Donating Nearly 2,200 Boxes of Food to More Than 35,000 Beneficiaries
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The TSMC Charity Foundation promotes food-cherishing concepts and links demand with supply through our “Cherish Food Program” as part of our commitment to eradicate hunger and reduce food wastage. As of June 2020, the Foundation has worked with seven food companies, including Chi Mei Frozen Food, to donate nearly 2,200 boxes of general and imperfect food to for the disadvantaged. TSMC strives to create a positive impact on society and is the driving force behind these cross-industry charitable efforts.

Bringing Warmth to the Disadvantaged through Imperfect Food

We frequently see news reports about waste caused by overproduction in the retail and food industries in response to commercial demand. The TSMC Charity Foundation launched the “Cherish Food Program” to create a platform that connects the gap between redundant food and resources. When the program was launched in 2018, Chi Mei Frozen Food Chairman Richard Soong immediately contacted the Foundation saying that “imperfect food” are discarded due to imperfect appearance though there are no concerns about their quality and food safety. This could respond to the food-cherishing concepts promoted by the Foundation, and provide food to those in need.

The TSMC Charity Foundation went over locations for the disadvantaged we had worked with in the past, including education institutions in rural areas, social welfare institutions of the Networking of Love, and families assisted by the Ten Thousand Dollars Per Household Program project. We selected a total of which really need assistance. After confirming their needs for imperfect food, the Foundation donated freezers and ensured . In September of 2018, the Foundation joined hands with Chi Mei Frozen Food to launch the first delivery of “Cherish Food Bus,” which delivered 205 bags of pork buns, taro buns, red quinoa and dried fruit buns, and bamboo buns to St. Joseph’s Church in Wufeng, which provides after-school tutoring for disadvantaged children; the Hualien East Coast Holiday School, which is dedicated to education for aborigines in rural areas; and Shandao Academy in Pintung, which cares for disadvantaged children and youth in rural areas.

Thank you, TSMC Charity Foundation, for your assistance in providing a variety of tasty imperfect food, allowing our children to be fed with delicious food and filled with happiness instead of suffering through hungry in the afternoons.

- Wenli Wei, Teacher at St. Joseph’s Church in Wufeng

Promotion of the Cherish Food Program

Kind-hearted Food Companies Successively Joined the Program after Lecture Tour

After Chi Mei Frozen Food participated in the program, TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson Sophie Chang actively embarked on a lecture tour to share TSMC’s food-cherishing concepts to solve social issues, and the Foundation’s current practices. Six other food companies, including Laurel Corporation, Hsin Tung Yang, Hunya Foods, Lian-Hwa Foods, DaChan Food, and Shih Chen Foods joined the Cherish Food Program. They donated to the Foundation’s care centers across Taiwan following monthly/quarterly examination of imperfect food.

Through our Cherish Food Program, we can gather kindness from society and deliver it to those in need. We hope that this deepens people’s understanding of what it means to avoid waste.

- Sophie Chang, TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson

Apart from periodic deliveries, the TSMC Charity Foundation hosts catering events at social welfare sites, volunteer chef activities in rural areas, and Cherish Food workshops to continue promoting imperfect food and food-cherishing concepts. We welcome participation from enterprises who are willing to join us and institutions which need assistance to expand our food-cherishing power. The TSMC Charity Foundation estimates that more than 1,200 boxes of imperfect food will be donated in 2020.

TSMC Charity Foundation Cherish Food Program

Note: As of June 2020