TSMC North America Partners with Public Health Organizations to Help Local Communities during Challenging Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tiffany Yang

The global spread of COVID-19 has had an impact on every aspect of our lives. As a corporate citizen, TSMC continues our efforts to support the communities we operate in. To help protect frontline healthcare providers, minimize the spread of the virus, and support people in our community, TSMC North America (TSMC NA) partnered with public health organizations such as the Valley Medical Center (VMC) Foundation to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partnership with VMC Foundation against COVID-19 Pandemic

The Valley Medical Center (VMC) Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to support the and the patients it serves. The Health System is by far the largest provider of care in Silicon Valley, where TSMC operates, serving more than 500,000 residents of Santa Clara County. The COVID-19 crisis has become the Foundation’s highest priority. Therefore, TSMC NA partnered with VMC Foundation once the COVID-19 outbreak occurred in California, providing resources and support to purchase the necessary equipment that the health system desperately needs.

The VMC Foundation is grateful for the generous support and community leadership of TSMC North America, which supported us to sustain many of our COVID-19 efforts and helped the Santa Clara County health and hospitals system navigate these extraordinarily challenging times.

- Camie VanKeuren, Chief Development Officer of VMC Foundation

Effective Donations Ensure the Valley’s Health and Hospitals System Stand Firm and Healthcare Providers Return Home Safely

During the COVID-19 pandemic, medical resources were incredibly hard to purchase due to issues of serious shortages and rising prices. To help ensure the frontline essential workers fighting COVID-19 were safe and had all the resources available, TSMC NA donated critical (PPE) and a large amount of Bi-pap machines to VMC Foundation to build their supply and ensure the County’s Health system wouldn’t crumble in a surge of positive cases.

Seeking to reduce the risk of exposure to frontline staffs’ loved ones, the onsite mobile showers provided a sense of security for frontline staff before heading home and into their communities. With TSMC NA’s financial contributions, mobile showers were set up along with towels and cleaning products to make it very easy to use. Therefore, frontline staff were able to wash COVID away before returning to their loved ones.

In addition to the support to frontline healthcare providers, TSMC NA’s efforts also assisted in supporting the rapid establishment of the County’s Field Respite Center for quarantined COVID-19 patients, ensuring beds, basic essentials and medical supplies were available to these patients. The Respite Center housed patients that were COVID-19 positive and were either homeless or unable to safely self-quarantine away from loved ones. The Respite Center was also there to support patients that during their quarantine may have needed additional medical support but did not need to be admitted, allowing for more hospital capacity.

There is a reason why Silicon Valley has kept ahead of the curve, and not run out of vital equipment and supplies during this emergency. Companies like TSMC North America were there for us. TSMC North America has been so generous that we’ve stayed nimble. To say we are grateful is an understatement; you have kept us safe. Thank You TSMC!

- Chris Wilder, CEO of VMC Foundation

The entire TSMC NA family is indebted to the heroic first responders, doctors, nurses, researchers and public health experts who have given their spirit to protect and save us. We look forward to a continued collaboration with VMC Foundation and other public health and charitable organizations and remain committed to making contributions throughout this crisis.

- David Keller, President and CEO of TSMC North America