TSMC’s Global COVID-19 Relief is a joint effort of our employees around the world.
Hundreds of thousands of items have reached more than a hundred hospitals, public health agencies or related parties.
Hundreds of thousands of items have reached more than a hundred hospitals, public health agencies or related parties.
TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson Ms. Sophie Chang demonstrates how medical personnel wear PAPR. It can greatly reduce the risk of infection while ensuring the comfort and safety of medical personnel during long shifts.
The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation saw a need for epidemic prevention at schools, and donated 100 thermal imaging cameras to Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. The donation is prioritized for use in testing sites for national examinations, and will benefit more than 70 schools.

TSMC’s Global COVID-19 Relief

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us. This is a challenging time for our global communities, and TSMC’s top priority is protecting the health and safety of our workforce while securing operations for our customers and supporting our communities. In response, TSMC has committed to help fighting this pandemic as a global corporate citizen.

Giving Back

Whenever a major catastrophe occurs, TSMC always looks for ways to leverage our unique knowledge and resources to provide aid and relief, such as applying our expertise in constructing fabs to help communities in Taiwan rebuild from disasters. Similarly, to fight this global COVID-19 pandemic, the TSMC Charity Foundation, the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation, as well as our regional offices, are leveraging our expertise in technology, global procurement and supply chain management with a budget of US$20 million to aid areas most in need of resources in Taiwan, Mainland China, Europe and the United States.

Dedicating Resources Supporting Our Global Communities

TSMC is dedicated to helping our global communities during this challenging time, with focuses on three major areas.

We do not know with certainty when the greatest risk will be behind us, but we have all been inspired by the determination and humanity from all corners of our global community. Although some of us are thousands of miles apart, and some are separated by social distancing, but the global TSMC family is coming together with many brave fighters out there to help people in need. By the time we overcome the challenge, we shall all emerge to be stronger. Our thoughts are with those around the world affected by COVID-19 and we send our warmest good wishes to you all.