In response to the competition theme of "Environmental Protection and Waste Reduction," awarded Team Fabridge of the TSMC Youth Dream Building Project collaborates with TSMC Fab12A and repurposes leftover fabrics for TSMC Fab12A Relay team uniforms at this year’s TSMC Sports Day.
The TSMC Youth Dream Building Project encourages young students to propose creative solutions to social issues.
In response to the competition theme of "Environmental Protection and Waste Reduction," Team Fabridge matches the needs from students of fashion design departments at vocational high schools with the supply side of leftover fabrics, creating recycled value for the leftover fabrics.

Team Fabridge of TSMC Youth Dream Building Project Shows Creativity, Reusing 1,645 Yards of Leftover Fabrics

Relay Team Uniforms Are Made from Leftover Fabrics, Demonstrating Green Power on TSMC’s Sports Day
Melody Lee
Syue-Hua Lin
Chen-Hui Yang
Joan Liu

TSMC Education and Culture Foundation (TSMC Foundation) encourages young students to provide creative solutions for social issues through hosting the annual "TSMC Youth Dream Building Project". In response to the competition theme of "Environmental Protection and Waste Reduction", team Fabridge initiated the "Waste Fabrics Bridging" project to address the issue of fabric leftovers in Taiwan. They created a platform to match the supply side from textile manufacturers and the demand side from those who need fabrics. With the assistance of TSMC Foundation, Fabridge brought all efforts into full play on this project. The team has not only repurposed leftover fabrics into uniforms of Fab12A’s Relay team on the 2019 TSMC Sports Day, but also met the needs of students from fashion design departments of vocational high schools, or non-profit organizations who need uniforms. A total of 1,645 yards of leftover fabrics were recycled, and the length was equivalent to 2.96 Taipei 101 buildings. This marks the first step for Team Fabridge to pursue their dream.

The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation supports diversified platforms for youth development through the special category in the TSMC Youth Dream Building Project, which guides the young to care for social issues, to come up with creative solutions to minimalize waste, and to put their innovation into action.

- Chun-Lang Hsu, Director of TSMC Education and Culture Foundation

Selected Team Creatively Matches Supply Side and Demand Side, Recycling Leftover Fabrics

Team Fabridge consists of students from National Tsing Hua University and National Chiao Tung University: they are Liu Ya-chi, Li Tzu-hsuan, Chen Chih-yu, Huang Hsiang-yun, and Tsai Chia-chun. Through TSMC Foundation’s coordination, Team Fabridge first collaborated with TSMC which demonstrated environmental initiatives at the annual TSMC Sports Day. Team Fabridge repurposed leftover fabrics for the Relay team uniforms on such an occasion. At the same time, the team connected teachers and students at the fashion design departments of Daojiang High School of Commerce and Hsing Wu High School, who used to pay for the fabrics they used for practices, with the supply side from J&B International Ltd., which is dedicated to waste reduction: J&B International provided leftover fabrics to the students for practice, devoting into recycling leftover fabrics together.

We need a lot of fabrics for practice, which is a financial burden for students. In order to save money, we tend to spend a lot of time comparing prices in different shops. We’re very grateful for Fabridge’s efforts to align our needs with textile manufacturers which provide quality fabrics. We really cherish such resources.

- Wang Wen-hsuan, student at the department of Fashion Clothing of the New Taipei Municipal Hsing Wu High School

Recycled Leftover Fabrics Length Equivalent to Nearly Three Taipei 101 Buildings

Apart from the needs from TSMC and those fashion design students, Fabridge actively contacted more non-profit organizations, including Hsin Chu Food Transfer organization and Wenfu Club of National Tsing Hua University which used their own budgets to buy fabrics to make their uniforms. At the same time, Fabridge plans to establish a database which can collect information of textile manufacturers willing to provide leftover fabrics. Such a database would facilitate the matching process of those who are looking for reusable materials and further expand the green spirit of this project.

Through TSMC’s Youth Dream Building Project, we have the opportunity to contribute to society and environment. Having seen the leftover fabrics which would have gone to the rubbish bin to create new value on TSMC’s Sports Day and having witnessed the appreciating look when the students sewed the leftover fabric scraps, I truly feel the positive change this project has brought to the society.

- Tsai Chia-chun, CFO of Team Fabridge

Using the participation in this "Recycling Leftover Fabrics Initiative" as a starting point, TSMC Fab12A would continue to change from passive to active, implement green spirit into more day-to-day operations, and try its best to protect environment.

- Chen-Hui Yang, TSMC Fab12A department manager