Sophie Chang, Chairperson of the TSMC Charity Foundation, went into rural areas to accompany children there, and understand their educational needs and difficulties.
Sophie Chang, Chairperson of the TSMC Charity Foundation, earnestly reminded children to cherish resources and study hard.
TSMC’s volunteer team learned new types of education resources through technology.
TSMC volunteers served as teachers to guide the child patiently by using Junyi’s learning resources.

TSMC Volunteers Incorporate Online Teaching Materials into Services to Strengthen Education Resources in Rural Areas

Using Technology to Help Disadvantaged Students in Rural Areas Find Pace and Fun of Learning
Brad Peng
Bo Yi Chao
Maggie Yang

In order to make access to education in a more fair and equal way, volunteers at the TSMC Charity Foundation have accompanied students in rural areas through after-school programs and book reading activities for a long period of time. In addition, the TSMC Charity Foundation has started to collaborate with the Junyi Academy, an external nonprofit organization that also strives for education since 2019. TSMC supplies hardware devices, such as tablet PCs, while Junyi provides software resources, such as teaching materials, to further enhance the quality of education for disadvantaged children. As of August 2019, the online learning resources have been successfully introduced into the 20 after-school classes in rural areas that the TSMC Charity Foundation has served for a long time.

Twenty After-School Classes in Rural Areas and Ten Years of Accompany from Volunteers Make Access to Education More Equal

TSMC’s volunteer team has gone into rural areas and accompanied more than 3,000 students in 20 after-school classes across Taiwan for the past decade. The team has also helped to establish after-school classes in the Shuishang Township of Chiayi County, Xizhi District of New Taipei City, and Wufeng District of Taichung City. Since 2016, TSMC has also poured resources to support several organizations such as Junyi and Teach For Taiwan through the TSMC Charity Foundation, the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation, and the TSMC i-Charity Platform, an internal employee donation platform, to continue to train great teachers with a good sense of mission and provide free online learning resources to narrow the gap between urban and rural education and make access to education in a more fair and equal way.

Bring Better Education Resources to Disadvantaged Students with Technology and External Resources

In order to enhance the education resources in rural areas, the TSMC Charity Foundation has proactively cooperated with external organizations that are also concerned about education through the “Sending Love” platform since 2019. Since June, TSMC has provided volunteers, network environment, and 423 tablet PCs, while Junyi has supported with free online teaching materials and assisted in teaching training for the TSMC volunteers. Through volunteer training classes, TSMC volunteers and after-school teachers across Taiwan learned how to teach with online teaching materials, improve students’ learning contents with more advanced teaching management technology and learning effectiveness tracking tools, and stimulate students' motivation for self-directed learning.

The Progress of TSMC Charity Foundation’s Promotion of Rural Education

As of August 2019, the TSMC Charity Foundation has held six volunteer training classes, successfully introducing online education resources into Hualien, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Taichung, and helping enhance teaching capabilities of more than 150 after-school teachers and school teachers. The TSMC Charity Foundation aims to become a platform where charities gather. In the future, by upholding the corporate citizenship spirit of “making society better,” the foundation will continue to strengthen education resources in rural areas, so as to sow the seeds of hope for the next generations.

We are going into rural areas to see what the recipients really need in the front line. We hope to use technology to help children find their own pace and fun of learning.

- Sophie Chang, Chairperson of the TSMC Charity Foundation

Mrs. Xuan Gao, a teacher in charge of the Praise After-School Class of Taitung, shared a story of a fourth-grade student, named A-Yuan, who had been unmotivated in learning for two years in the class and only wanted to play online games on his tablet PC. TSMC volunteers patiently guided A-Yuan to discover for the first time that learning could be full of fun. In fact, by using teaching materials in different levels with clear and in-depth explanation on the Junyi’s platform, along with a badge-based reward system, A-Yuan and most of other students in the class guided by the TSMC volunteers have found their own pace and methods of learning and gained an unprecedented sense of achievement.