Young students came out with various innovative solutions in response to the topic of the competition´╝Ź"Zero Waste, Making Use of Everything."
TSMC shared and showcased its own green technology by giving the college students a guided tour to wastewater reclaim systems.
TSMC for the first time participated in the ATCC Case Competition, attracting registration from 540 college student teams.
TSMC representative team Package Plus won the Second Place with their innovative proposal at the final round of the competition.

TSMC Supports Young Generation; Building Sustainable Environment with Innovation

Team TSMC Participates in ATCC Competition for the First Time, Promoting Recycled Materials for Online Shopping Packaging
Melody Lee

As our long-term mission to support young generations, TSMC Education and Culture Foundation (TSMC Foundation) organized diversified education events with purposes guiding the youth to explore themselves and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. In order to raise social awareness for more young students to engage in real actions, TSMC foundation, on behalf of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), sponsored the national ATCC Case Competition from March to June 2019. The foundation set "Zero Waste, Making Use of Everything" as the topic of this year's competition for the young students to propose innovative solutions for waste reduction.

Inspiring Outstanding Innovative Ideas during Competition; Students Provide Green Solutions under Guidance of TSMC Mentors

With support from Chairman Dr. Mark Liu, Senior Vice President Lora Ho, Senior Vice President J.K. Wang, Vice President Connie Ma, Senior Director Arthur Chuang, and other internal departments, including TSMC Public Relations and CSR Project team, TSMC for the first time participated in the national ATCC Case Competition. A total of 540 college student teams signed up for the competition, 255 of them were qualified and 51 teams made it to the final as "Team TSMC" due to their outstanding innovations and energy. The innovative proposals covered all aspects of social issues, from organ donation matching, reusing old bicycles, recycling old toys, to a matching platform for second-hand car parts. The young college students impressed the judges with various innovative ideas together with mature and complete business models to reduce waste in tangible and intangible forms.

Schedule of TSMC's Participation in ATCC Case Competition

TSMC recruited 10 mentors from various internal departments to provide guidance and to share personal experience for the selected teams. The topics include but not limited to presentation skills, business plan writing, financial planning, and project execution. In addition, TSMC shared its most advanced green manufacturing systems with the students by organizing a tour to visit TSMC Fab 12 phase 4, including wastewater reclaim systems, local scrubber systems, as well as a guided tour to the TSMC Museum of Innovation. Such an in-depth visit aimed at helping inspire creative new ideas for the students.

TSMC Education and Culture Foundation built a stage for younger generations. Through the three-month ATCC Case Competition, the foundation walks the youth through the process of competition including a visit to TSMC green manufacturing systems, workshops, and mentor support system. Together we come out with innovative new ideas and strive to create a better society.

- Chun-Lang Hsu, Director of TSMC Education and Culture Foundation

Reusing Plastic Bottles: Alleviating Environmental Impact from Online Shopping Trend with Environment-friendly Packaging Materials

The Package Plus team, which is composed of cross-college students, focused on the package waste issue generated by the ecommerce online shopping trend. They designed and produced recyclable and reusable environment-friendly packaging materials made of recycled plastic bottles in order to replace the mass-produced inner packaging materials which are currently used by online shops and cannot be recycled. The team also proposed a new business model that connects consumers, online shopping sites and chain stores. It is supported by a reward mechanism that encourages consumers to use new packaging materials and recycle on their own.

Throughout the process of competition, we have fallen in love, not with our initial dreams, but with the moments of realizing our dreams step by step and the effort we have made to protect our Earth.

- Allen Yeh, Package Plus team leader

Package Plus's innovative proposal earned the recognition from judges at every stage of the competition and it became the representative for the TSMC team at the final round of this competition. Package Plus was runner up in the ATCC Case Competition after competing with four other rival teams from Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, TransGlobe Life Insurance Inc, Taiwan Bar Studio and Hotai Motor Company. Team leader of Package Plus, Allen Yeh, a graduate student from the Department of International Business, National Chengchi University, further established a social enterprise based on this proposal, helping drive a positive social change through executing their innovation and ideals.