TSMC Charity Foundation and social workers regularly visit to understand the situation of each case.
TSMC Charity Foundation and social workers regularly visit to understand the situation of each case.

TSMC Calls on Society to Put Love Together and Send It out

Give the Disadvantaged a Hand to Find Opportunities to Improve Their Lives
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As TSMC supported the reconstruction of the Hualien earthquake, we discovered the economic difficulties of many disadvantaged families during the disaster. As a result, TSMC Charity Foundation Chairwoman Ms. Sophie Chang extended the relief plan by creating the “Sending Love” platform. Through the “Ten Thousand Dollars Per Household ” program and the “Emergency Aid for the Disadvantaged” program, we serve as a platform connecting love from society with people who lack resources to give necessary assistance to the disadvantaged.

Process of TSMC’s Hualien Earthquake Relief Project

Starting from Hualien, the “Ten Thousand Dollars Per Household Program" Extends across Taiwan

The TSMC Charity Foundation found that many people in Taiwan want to do good things, but often don't know how to start. Since the "Ten Thousand Dollars Per Household" Program was established beginning with the February 2018 Hualien earthquake, the Foundation has joined hands with the social welfare units of county and city governments to identify people who need urgent assistance on the list of the disadvantaged families, and subsidized NT$10,000 per month to support them to improve their lives. The supply side of society’s compassion and demand side of resources are connected by TSMC’s "Sending Love" program, so that other companies and the public can also join TSMC to give a hand to these disadvantaged families.

"Emergency Aid for the Disadvantaged Program" Cares for Precious Lives

In view of the many tragedies caused by sudden economic pressures in our society, the TSMC Charity Foundation used the "Emergency Aid" project to provide NT$10,000 per month for half a year to disadvantaged families who have lost their primary wage-earner. Through on-site visits by the Foundation’s staff and social workers, we do our best to support them in the shortest period of time.

I am grateful that TSMC gave us a hand in the critical period of time when my life hit rock bottom. Thank you.

- Mr. Chen, the recipient of the Emergency Aid for Disadvantaged Program

Mr. Chen, one of the recipients of the emergency aid program, lives with his elderly mother. Mr. Chen, who supported the family’s economic needs, feel seriously ill last year, losing his job and putting his livelihood in turmoil. Through the introduction of social workers, Mr. Chen focused on doing rehabilitation while under the support of the “Emergency Aid for Disadvantaged Program”, and his mother’s eye disease was also treated. As the subsidies come to an end, Mr. Chen said that he has recovered very well, and is confident of regaining his work to support the family.

“Ten Thousand Dollars Per Household Program" and "Emergency Aid for Disadvantaged Program" Enable our Vision of "Sending Love"

At present, the sponsored cases from the "Sending Love" program cover Hualien County, Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City, Taichung City, Changhua County, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, and more. As of April in 2019, the platform has provided recipients with a total of 560 months of economic support. In addition to continuing to visit the recipients in person, and offering support and care, TSMC Charity Foundation Chairwoman Ms. Sophie Chang has actively made public speeches on social care, calling on all sectors of society to devote love and maximize the benefits of the resources they contribute.