Air Quality Improvement Actions

Providing Free Microbial Fertilizer to Farmers to Reduce Straw Burning

There are two harvests a year in Taiwan. In order to sow as soon as possible, some farmers will burn straw after first harvest.

TSMC is committed to improving the air quality in central Taiwan. Since 2015, in order to reduce PM2.5 caused by straw burning, we have cooperated with farmers in the Taichung city to use microbial fertilizers (organic fertilizer containing Bacillus subtilis) to speed up straw decay, and increase organic matter in paddy fields.

The project began with the establishment of 40 hectare (ha) exemplary paddy fields at the Wuri district and free provision of the microbial fertilizer. Because of the good trial result, the project has been expanded to another 13 administrative areas and 2,246 hectare (ha) paddy field. The implemented area, 3,275 hectare (ha) in total, is 50 times larger than the initial area. The PM10 is effectively reduced by 10.32 metric tons, PM2.5 reduced by 10.25 metric tons. The impact is significant to reduce air pollutants.

For enhancing efficacy, TSMC visits farmers during the harvest period, estimates required quantity of microbial fertilizer and evaluates farmers' feedback. We look forward to enlarging continuously the implemented areas to reduce the local air pollutions.