TSMC President and Co-CEO, Dr. Mark Liu, delivers the keynote speech at TSMC's 17th Annual Supply Chain Management Forum
Over 700 suppliers from around the world participate in the Supply Chain Management Forum
TSMC recognizes the contributions of 12 outstanding suppliers with the Excellent Performance Award in the forum

TSMC Recognizes Outstanding Suppliers at Supply Chain Management Forum

Michael Kramer

TSMC held its 17th annual Supply Chain Management forum on Dec. 7, 2017 to show appreciation for the support and contributions of its suppliers over the past year, particularly in 10nm capacity ramp and technology development in 7nm and beyond. Over 700 suppliers around the world in the fields of equipment, materials, packaging, testing, facilities, IT systems and services, and environmental and waste management services participated in the forum.

"This is an exciting time of innovation for the semiconductor industry, with new applications for silicon emerging one after another,"said TSMC Co-Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mark Liu. "TSMC looks forward to even closer collaboration with our supplier partners to enable these innovations and create a better, more intelligent world for the future."

"With the support of our supplier partners, TSMC has once again brought a new technology to volume production in record time with our 10nm capacity," said TSMC Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Dr. Steve Tso. "For this, as well as many achievements together throughout 2017, we extend our heartfelt thanks and hope to continue working side by side to drive technology forward."

Twelve outstanding suppliers were recognized by TSMC for their performance, as follows:

Excellent Performance Award


Applied Materials, Inc. Technology Collaboration
ASM International N.V. CVD Equipment
ASML Innovation and Collaboration on EUV
EBARA Corporation CMP Equipment
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. Furnace Equipment
LAM Research Corporation Etch Equipment
Tokyo Electron Limited Production Ramp Support


Fujifilm Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. CMP Material
HOYA Corporation Mask Blank Material
Shin-Etsu Hantodai Co., Ltd. Raw Wafer Material
SUMCO Corporation Raw Wafer Material
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Lithography Material