While on-site service employees from equipment vendors execute tool prevention maintenance and troubleshooting, on-site supervisors check and confirm the correctness of personal protection equipment wearing to avoid immediate health hazard from chemical exposure.

TSMC Collaborates with TSIA to Enhance Occupational Safety and Health of Semiconductor Industry Supply Chain

Both sides jointly established industry's first "Occupational Health Management Guidelines for On-site Service Personnel of Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers"
C.Y. Huang

The thriving development of Taiwan's semiconductor industry is attributed not only to the joint efforts of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) members, but also to the strong logistical support of supply chain vendors. Enhancing the occupational safety and health of supply chain employees is a material issue that TSMC is deeply concerned about. As a result, TSMC actively formulates management system for sustainable development.

Embracing the Global Trend of Mitigating Supply Chain Occupational Safety and Health Risks

Given that occupational safety and health management in the supply chain has become an important indicator of corporate sustainability, TSMC took the lead to initiate a proposal in the TSIA board meeting, asking member companies to execute health protection measures for their employees, while the health protection of employees from their supply chains is also equally important. After the proposal was unanimously approved by all the TSIA members, TSMC representatives, TSIA members and semiconductor equipment suppliers from SEMI Taiwan discussed together to reach a consensus on the matter. After intensive communication and coordination, TSMC represented TSIA to issue the industry’s first “Occupational Health Management Guidelines for On-site Service Personnel of Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers” in the 2017 High-Tech Industry Sustainable Development and ESH Management Forum on October 19, 2017. TSIA members and supply chain vendors can follow the guidelines to enhance the occupational safety and health.

Implementing the Guidelines to Safeguard the Health of Supply Chain Employees

TSMC sets a precedent to take into consideration of occupational safety and health of supply chain vendors. Based on the “Occupational Safety and Health Act” and the “Labor Health Protection Rule”, TSMC reviews health check, hazard exposure and notification, education training, wearing of personal protective equipment, environmental monitoring programs and records, and then confirms fulfillment of relevant regulations through the “Occupational Health Management Guidelines for On-site Service Personnel of Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers.”

Frame work of the Guidelines

On Site Operations Observation
  • Understand the hazard exposure risk of on-site service personnel to chemicals, radiation, noise, etc. during tool installation, testing, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Ensure employees and on-site service personnel to correctly wear personal protection equipment to avoid immediate health hazard.
Workplace Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Provide workplace environmental monitoring records and hazard exposure information to health- check doctors for classification management.
Health Check
  • As soon as anomalies are detected, the correctness of on-site protection and personal protection equipment will be immediately verified. Personnel health tracking management will also be performed to prevent occupational diseases.

After these guidelines were issued, TSMC proactively put them to use for the safety and health of our own supply chain employees. Before entering the operational areas, TSMC clearly explains to on-site service personnel about the potential hazards of workplace environment, make sure they pass relevant training courses, and wear personal protective equipment correctly. To safeguard their safety, TSMC also executes daily on-site audits and analyzes the health check results for anomaly tracking.