TSMC releases the first "Supplier Material Packaging White Paper Regulations," helping over 1,200 domestic and overseas raw material suppliers improve packaging processes.

TSMC Issues "Supplier Material Packaging White Paper Regulations," with More Than 65,300 People Benefited

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TSMC is committed to building safe and low-carbon green fabs. In response to the increasing production capacity and surging demand for raw materials, TSMC took active actions to reduce raw material packaging and developed the first "Supplier Material Packaging White Paper Regulations" that provides guidance from health and safety, environmental protection, to packaging and labeling. The Company aims to create a packaging culture with three strategies of "handling friendly, environment friendly, and automation friendly," and more than 65,300 people have benefited from this white paper since its release in December 2021. This year, the bilingual version of this white paper was issued to promote environmental-friendly packaging processes to more than 1,200 raw material suppliers domestically and abroad, creating a safer workplace for sustainable supply chain management.

Through introducing the Supplier Material Packaging White Paper Regulations, TSMC and its supplier partners will collaborate to optimize the design of material packaging and create friendly culture at work. We look forward to taking lead in driving a positive cycle that benefits all supply chain partners.

- J.K. Lin, Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Materials Management & Risk Management at TSMC

Three Strategies to Comprehensively Upgrade Supply Chain Packaging Processes

In the past, the packaging methods of raw materials were mainly selected and managed by suppliers. To reduce the that may arise during the transporting process, increase benefits of environmental protection, and accelerate the development of automated packaging, TSMC launched the "Supplier Material Packaging Specification Management Plan." The Company’s Material Supply Chain Management Division proposed the "Supplier Material Packaging White Paper Regulations Regulations" to provide guidance that are formulated based on on-site inspections, packaging design observations, to comprehensively improve overall personnel safety, packaging materials, and operation efficiency to enhance material supply and service quality.

TSMC's "Supplier Material Packaging White Paper Regulations"

TSMC's "Supplier Material Packaging White Paper Regulations"

Continuously Enhancing Packaging Standards to Achieve Greater Mutual Benefits

TSMC actively fosters a culture of friendly packaging, with an online interactive course on the "Supplier Material Packaging White Paper Regulations" scheduled to go live at the TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy in the fourth quarter of 2022. The training progress and results will be tracked to help suppliers improve their packaging management capabilities and extend these practices to their upstream suppliers. In addition, due to the increasing diversity of raw materials, TSMC will continue to monitor the packaging methods of incoming new materials, review and update the content of the white paper, extending the application of friendly packaging to fields other than semiconductors to achieve the goal of common good.