OHSA, TSMC and suppliers participate in the launch ceremony of "Semiconductor Supply Chain Safety and Health Promotion Project".
Gen-Qiang Hung, Chief Secretary of OHSA and Fang-Ming Hsu, Director of TSMC Environmental Protection and Safety and Health Division, co-chaired the project launch ceremony.
Fang-Ming Hsu details TSMC's expectations and practice for labor health to suppliers' representatives.

TSMC and OSHA Cooperate to Improve Supply Chain Occupational Health

Larry Sun

On October 3, 2017, TSMC and the Ministry of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) jointly launched the “Semiconductor Supply Chain Safety and Health Promotion Project”. OHSA Chief Secretary Gen-Qiang Hung and Fang-Ming Hsu, Director of the TSMC Environmental Protection and Safety and Health Division, co-chaired the project launch ceremony. Twelve TSMC parts cleaning, chemical production, and waste treatment suppliers attended the ceremony and declared their commitment to cooperate on the project and ensure that their working conditions are in full compliance with the regulations on permissible concentrations of harmful substances to safeguard workers’ health.

Professional health experts join the supplier assistance program

TSMC invited the suppliers to join the project as partners. As engaged by OSHA, a professional team led by Dr. Yu-wen Lin, Professor of Fu Jen Catholic University is responsible for providing consultation through document review and on-site inspection to participating suppliers on management procedure and hardware setup in order to improve the working environment and labor health.

Promoting occupational health management through collaboration between industries, government and academia

To fulfill corporate social responsibility and encourage sustainable supply chain development, TSMC aims to improve the environmental protection as well as safety and health performance of its supply chain through audits and counselling. In recent years, suppliers’ performance on pollution control and safety management has made progress in procedure establishment and implementation; however, there is still room for improvement when it comes to occupational hygiene issues directly related to labor health. Therefore, TSMC established the "Occupational Health Committee" in 2017. TSMC’s vice presidents of operations regularly examine the progress of relevant projects and proactively pursue risk reduction through collaboration with scholars and experts. At the same time, TSMC considers occupational health as a primary focus for supplier audits and counselling. TSMC, OHSA, and experts from academia combined resources and advantages to establish a platform for three-way cooperation between industry, government, and universities. By inviting the company's suppliers to participate in the program, TSMC aims to direct them from reactive compliance to proactive management through on-site surveys by external experts, problem diagnosis, measurement assessment, and improvement recommendations.

"Semiconductor industry supply chain safety and health Promotion Program"

Major issues include Workplace Environmental Monitoring, Health Check Management, Personal Protective Equipment Management, Ventilation, Staff Education and Training, Neatness Management, Hazard Communication, and more.

Execution Procedure for “Semiconductor Industry Supply Chain Occupational Hygiene Promotion Program"

The assistance program is expected to be completed in Dec. 2017. TSMC will then share its experience with external stakeholders, hoping to trigger a ripple effect across industries for the elevation of occupational safety and health standards.