TSMC built a global responsible supply chain management platform— Supply Online 360.

TSMC's Newly Launched Supply Online 360 Sets a Milestone for Responsible Supply Chain Management

From a Business Portal to a Global Responsible Supply Chain Management Platform, Exerting Influence in the Semiconductor Industry
Chandler See
Ian H.Y. Chen
Teresa Peng
Chia-An Lin

As a leader in the global semiconductor industry, TSMC is committed to driving supply chain improvement and creating a sustainable development model that takes responsibility for the economy, the environment, and the society. In 2020, TSMC's Material Supply Chain Management Division worked with its Business System Integration Division to upgrade the Company's supply chain portal "Supply Online" to a global responsible supply chain management platform- Supply Online 360. The new platform was officially launched on December 22, 2020. Through detailed Supplier Sustainability Standards and implementation guidelines, TSMC digitally manages the supply chain performance management system and establishes a cloud-based online learning platform on business operations and sustainability for suppliers and provides communication channels for supply chain employees to report complaints, with the aim of enhancing supply chain management and demonstrating social value of common good. It marks an important milestone in TSMC's positive influence on the semiconductor supply chain.

Through supply chain management platform like Supply Online 360, TSMC continues to extend its positive influence on society. We not only do our own part, but also work closely with our suppliers to create mutual benefits.

- J.K. Lin, Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Materials Management & Risk Management of TSMC

With the continuous growth of the global semiconductor industry, effectively managing the supply chain and enhancing its sustainability performance has become one of TSMC's most important missions. The new Supply Online 360 platform furthers TSMC's mission to improve the semiconductor supply chain by adding three important functions: Supplier Sustainability Management Module, TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy, and Supply Chain Worker Grievance Channel. It offers an all-around 360° protection to suppliers from the three major perspectives of environmental protection, social progress, and economic development.

Sustainable Management Module Monitors Online Data and Drives Offline Improvement

Sustainability Management Module, a brand new function of Supply Online 360, can digitally manage and track three major processes: "Signing of Code of Conduct," "Sustainable Risk Assessment Results," and part of audit consultation "Improvement Measures" to achieve a positive cycle in the improvement of supplier sustainability performance. To continuously driving code compliance and requiring suppliers to fill out Self-assessment Questionnaires (SAQ), the assessment results of on-site audits are digitized and improvement actions are systematically determined and implemented through feedback mechanisms such as improvement suggestions. Hence, the suppliers can grow sustainably with TSMC.

TSMC's Experience Becomes a Knowledge Base for Suppliers, TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy Now Online

With sustainable management as its major goal, TSMC established an open learning platform - TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy on Supply Online 360. Through the sharing of free learning resources on corporate management, such as labor rights, environmental protection, and workplace safety, TSMC extends its own code of conduct and standards to the supply chain and the general public. Therefore, suppliers can extend these practices to their own suppliers and strengthen the sustainable impact of the entire supply chain. Within 15 days of its launch, TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy accumulated 780 learning records.

Supply Chain Worker Grievance Channel Promotes a Friendly and Inclusive Workplace

Following the people-oriented principle, TSMC sets up a public supply chain employee grievance channel on the Supply Online 360 platform to provide a channel for reporting complainants in an effort to extend management from on-site audits and promote workplace safety in the supply chain. It ensures a safe and respectful workplace where human rights are protected.

In keeping with its role as a responsible purchaser, TSMC will continue to make every effort to develop a sustainable semiconductor supply chain. As of January 2021, the Supply Online 360 platform has had an average 7,500 logins a day. Through the new digital collaboration with the supply chain, TSMC is able to exert even greater positive social influence.