A Triumphant Duet of a March of Sustainability - A Story about the Collaboration between TSMC and Kertz High Tech

The Journey about How a Small Factory Became a Designated Supplier of Global Semiconductor Manufacturers
L.J. Chang
Doris Lien

As the world's largest dedicated integrated circuit manufacturer and service provider, TSMC works closely with its downstream and upstream suppliers to achieve a continuous supply chain and industry improvement. The TSMC Parts Cleaning Supplier Counseling and Enhancement Project led by TSMC's Technical Committee of Operations and Corporate Environmental Protection, Safety, and Health Division is a major milestone of the Company's supplier sustainability management.

Kertz High Tech, one of the participating suppliers of this project, works closely with TSMC to upgrade their hardware, equipment, service quality, self-management, as well as other aspects. Led by General Manager Teresa Yang, Kertz High Tech grown from a small factory into a TSMC tier 1 factory over the past six years, and also became a designated partner of international semiconductor manufacturers that have work in Taiwan.

I learnt a lot through our collaboration with TSMC, and understood that the right method is critical to make our efforts more valuable. This is a TSMC spirit in my mind.

- S.J. Lo, Senior Staff at Kertz High Tech

Sustainability management is at the core of TSMC's foundation. In the future, TSMC will continue to take advantage of our influence as an industry leader, and to work with suppliers for the continued improvement in technology, quality, delivery dates, environmental protection, human rights, health and safety in order to establish a world-class green semiconductor supply chain.

I'm not a TSMC employee, but I feel as if I was a part of this company as I hold the same beliefs and determination. With this mission and strength, I will continue to strive for the improvement of our industry culture.

- Teresa Yang, General Manager of Kertz High Tech