Dr. Jun He, Senior Director of Quality and Reliability Division at TSMC, shared the importance of raw material quality control and the strategy of win-win supply chain partnership.
SEMI Materials Committee praised young scholars at the conference to inspire more local outstanding talents.

TSMC Collaborates with SEMI to Hold the Strategic Materials Conference in Taiwan for the First Time

Implement Quality Culture within Supply Chain and Enhance the Competitiveness of Domestic Manufacturers
Wei-Zhe Chang
Hu-Ting Tsai

As the world's largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, TSMC has the responsibility to take the leadership on sustainable supply chain optimization. This year, TSMC collaborates with SEMI to hold the Strategic Materials Conference" (SMC) in Taiwan for the first time, which was held only in the U.S. and European countries in the past, to elevate the competitiveness of the local supply chain.

International Material Experts Gathered to Discuss Next-generation Materials

Fifteen major semiconductor manufacturers were invited to attend the first SMC in Taiwan, sharing their latest material applications and discussing about the future challenges or issues. This forum brings together the experts from different industries and areas to explore the possible solutions to address the future challenges through discussion on a broad range of academic and research results. At the same time, tens of research papers by TSMC and other domestic top universities were posted and discussed at the conference. The representatives of SEMI Materials Committee also praised many young talents at the conference to inspire more and more outstanding talents to contribute to the development of semiconductor industry in Taiwan.

First Strategic Materials Conference in Taiwan

Strengthen the Collaboration among Supply Chain and Build a Win-Win Cooperation Model

Dr. Jun He, Senior Director of Quality and Reliability Division at TSMC emphasized the importance of quality control of raw materials at the conference. "Any tiny fluctuation in raw materials may directly affect the quality or reliability of semiconductor products," Dr. Jun He said. "TSMC requires suppliers to control the stability of their final products, and encourage them to well manage their in-process and upstream original material to ensure the high quality and success of final semiconductor products."

We believe through a well-established cooperation mode, we will be able to make incredible technological advancements, and to fulfill our social responsibility for the sustainable development of the semiconductor industry.

- Dr. Jun He, Senior Director of Quality and Reliability Division at TSMC

Jun He said, "TSMC will cooperate with the materials supply chain, and also share resources to continuously improve its defect detection and trace material characterization capabilities. Meanwhile, TSMC will continue to participate in SEMI material conferences in Japan, US, Europe and China, implement the culture of quality, and to strengthen the connection between Taiwan local semiconductor industry and worldwide supply chain for win-win cooperation."

TSMC Continues to Drive the Sustainable Supply Chain Management for Technology Innovation Acceleration

Building a sustainable supply chain is part of TSMC's corporate social responsibility. In addition to continuously encouraging suppliers to participate in quality improvement competitions and industry forums, TSMC implements quality enhancement strategies in the daily operations of the supply chain through on-site audits and coaching to build a stable and growing semiconductor supply chain. The innovation of IC design and product application continues to bring positive changes to the way people live, work and have fun.