This year, TSMC’s supply chain seminars have already attracted over 530 supplier representatives to attend till now.
This year, TSMC’s supply chain seminars have already attracted over 530 supplier representatives to attend till now.

TSMC Supply Chain Seminars Enhance the Soft Power of Industry Supply Chain

Experience Sharing Seminars Offer Practical Solutions on Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, Workplace Safety and Disaster Risk Management
Larry Sun

TSMC actively promotes supply chain sustainability and held two supply chain seminars in June and September this year, sharing its practical experience on topics including "Fire Protection Management", "Earthquake Protection", "Chemical Safety Management", "Waste Management”, and “Emergency Response” to drive the overall competitiveness of the local supply chain.

Increase Industry Competitiveness with Practical Solutions

To fulfill its commitment to sustainable supply chain management, TSMC has been continuously assisting suppliers through on-site audits and training courses to strengthen their factory management in the areas of environmental protection, health and safety, and loss control since 2007. TSMC 2019 Supply Chain Seminars started by sharing its operating procedures and practical experiences to enhance supplier's soft power with useful solutions. Following the seminars with topics of energy & water conservation and occupational health in the first quarter, the seminars in second and the third quarter have attracted more than 530 supplier representatives to attend.

2019 Supply Chain Seminars Schedule and Topics

Loss Control Seminars Strengthen Suppliers’ Emergency Response Capabilities

Given the products and services provided by semiconductor suppliers consisting of mostly gas, chemicals, wafers, quartz, chip packaging, parts clean, printed circuit board, and waste disposal, the gases and chemicals used in the manufacturing plants are usually flammable, corrosive or oxidative, which may pose major risks to personnel safety, environment, property loss and even threats of fires and earthquakes. In order to effectively mitigate the risks of disasters, TSMC covers the topics including fire equipment maintenance, management of public hazardous substances, earthquake protection and business continuity plans in its Supply Chain Seminars in the second quarter. Based on on-site audits, TSMC also found its suppliers lack effective system for managing chemical safety, waste disposal, and emergency response. Therefore, in the third quarter seminars, TSMC discussed about its own management model and practices to help supplies deal with common management issues.

Topics of Supply Chain Seminar in the Second and Third Quarters of 2019

TSMC’s management experience is a valuable and critical know-how, which we can only obtain from industry consultants. In addition to the practical knowledge, TSMC has helped us identify the issues through on-site audits and coaching. It is very helpful for local manufacturers with insufficient resources to organize and prioritize improvements for current stage.

- Huan-chang Chao, Director of Environmental Safety and Health, Chang Chun Group

It is one of the important goals of TSMC's supply chain management to enhance supply chain sustainability and elevate the competitiveness of all the companies involved. TSMC's fourth-quarter supply chain seminar will invite suppliers to observe its emergency response drill and exercise, and strengthen supplier’s recognition of the need for disaster prevention through on-site demonstrations. Through different ways of coaching, TSMC continues to help suppliers achieve their progress and contribute to the sustainable development of the semiconductor supply chain.