TSMC strengthens the sustainability development of its suppliers through sharing its green technologies and experience.
Han-Wen Fung, Director of Corporate ESH Division, iterates the importance of energy and water conservation and expectations for TSMC’s suppliers.

With the Goal of Building a Green Supply Chain, TSMC Holds an Experience Sharing Seminar on Supply Chain Energy and Water Conservation

Encouraging Suppliers to Set and Achieve Green Targets and Collaboratively Mitigate Extreme Climate Risks
Larry Sun

TSMC is committed to green manufacturing, made each drop of water being recycled an average of 3.5 times through water reclamation technology, and saved a total of 300 million kWh of electricity last year. In order to align upstream and downstream supply chains to amplify the effects of green technology, TSMC has specifically organized an experience sharing seminar on supply chain energy and water conservation for the 1st quarter of this year, inviting local suppliers with high power and water usage to attend. TSMC shared its green manufacturing experience, and urged its suppliers to set and achieve their annual energy and water conservation targets. Fifty-six supplier representatives have actively responded to TSMC’s request at the first seminar.

Practical Solutions and Technical Expertise Sharing

To implement its "Environmental Policy" TSMC implements environmental friendly activities in the Company’s daily business operations, and also continuously strengthens the sustainability development of its suppliers through on-site audits and sharing its latest green technologies and experience. Since late 2018, the Corporate ESH Division has further consolidated feedback from supplier audits and previous supply chain forums to help suppliers identify energy and water-saving solutions with regards to environment, safety and health, and damage prevention as well. A series of supply chain seminars have been carried out for experiences sharing since this January.

The first seminar focused on “Energy and Water Conservation,” which is currently the world’s most focus environmental issue. Three TSMC production and facility experts introduced practical conservation measures for power systems, air conditioning systems and the water supply, and shared their experiences through application of management strategies, advanced technologies, and effectiveness measurement. TSMC requested its suppliers to set their water and electricity saving targets, and tracks their implementation results on a regular basis.

The 1st 2018 Supply Chain Seminar on Environmental Protection, Safety and Health

Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback from Suppliers, Looking Forward to Further Sharing

After the first seminar this year, the participating suppliers expressed their willingness to invest in sustainable development, and also looked forward to more various and in-depth sharing from TSMC. Therefore, the Company carried out the occupational health experience sharing seminar in February, and held the fire safety and maintenance and earthquake prevention seminars in the second quarter. Seminars in the second half of the year will include topics like safety management, emergency response, waste disposal and reduction, etc.

Topics of 2018 Supply Chain Seminar on Environmental Protection, Safety and Health

TSMC is making efforts to contribute to the global environmental protection by building a green supply chain. In addition to organizing experience sharing seminars, TSMC will continue to track the improvement of supplier production lines through on-site assessments, provide coaching service to suppliers, amplify the effects of environmental protection among semiconductor supply chains, create a safe work environment, ensure business continuity, and reduce property losses caused by extreme climate change.