TSMC Chief Executive Officer Dr. C.C. Wei welcomes the suppliers and highlights the importance of sustainable issues
Material supplier Wah Lee Corp,’s CEO Tsuen-Hsien Chang responded to TSMC’s call for environmental protection
South Korean raw materials supplier SK material’s President & CEO Yong Ho, Jang agrees with the contribution of TSMC's sustainable actions to society

TSMC Held Supply Chain Management Forum, Suppliers Committed More Involve in Sustainability

TSMC Made an In-depth Explanation of The Importance of Sustainability and Resilience
Li-Wei Yeh
Teresa Peng

TSMC promotes supply chain responsibility in the semiconductor industry by working with suppliers to improve quality, cost, delivery, environmental protection, safety and health, to continuously bring the supply chain to the next level. Through a variety of methods such as on-site coaching, audits, and face-to-face communication (responsible supply chain forum), we enhance our supply chain management capabilities to practice sustainable commitment.

TSMC invited over 700 suppliers from around the world to the18th annual supply chain management forum. Using this opportunity, TSMC stated its goal for responsible supply chain as a standard for suppliers to practice green manufacturing together and exchanged implementation methods. In his keynote speech, TSMC Chief Executive Officer Dr. C.C. Wei encouraged suppliers to commit to taking action on sustainability with TSMC.

Developing Supplier Sustainability

In the annual forum, TSMC made an in-depth explanation of the importance of its two goals of "Sustainability" and "Resilience". In terms of “sustainability”, TSMC set three main focal points for action: understanding the “TSMC Supplier Code of Conduct”, actively establishing energy-saving emission reductions through a fair third-party audit, and encouraging suppliers to extend their influence to their respective upstream and downstream companies to achieve our vision of sustainability for the semiconductor industry.

On the issue of "Resilience", each year TSMC identifies key factors that may cause climate change and extreme weather to affect operations, and strengthens the standardization guidelines for operational resilience in disaster prevention. Through its own green experience, TSMC reminds suppliers of the importance of emergency response capabilities. For example, in view of the fact that TSMC's main production areas are located in earthquake-prone areas, it depends on suppliers’ responsiveness and risk management capabilities , to build a safety net and ensure product quality as well as uninterrupted production.

TSMC Annual Supply Chain Management Forum

Suppliers Respond Enthusiastically to Creating More Social Value

SK Group is committed to supporting TSMC's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, and we believe this will help create value for customers and society.

- Yong-Ho Jang, President & CEO of SK Materials Korea

We believe that TSMC's goal is very helpful for environmental protection. As a Taiwanese manufacturer, we will also set our own water-saving and energy-saving goals, and strive to reduce expenditures.

- Tsuen-Hsien Chang, CEO of Wah Lee Industrial Corp.

After the end of the annual supply chain management forum, all domestic and foreign suppliers were highly convinced of TSMC's responsible supply chain concepts. Under the active call of TSMC, many suppliers indicated that they will continue to develop their management in the future, in addition to examining their own risks and control as well as actively investing in localization, energy conservation, and emission reduction efforts, it is clear that the issue of responsible supply chain and environmental protection has become a global trend. Through the establishment of a good two-way communication platform, TSMC maintains close interaction with suppliers and continues to move toward sustainable goals.