TSMC experts teamed up to elevate the suppliers' quality culture and capability

TSMC Joins Hands with Suppliers for Advanced Process Technology and Environmental Sustainability

Y.K. Fan
Y.S. Shen

TSMC is committed to promoting environmental sustainability. The company not only continues to follow its corporate social responsibility policy to promote green facilities and green manufacturing, but also collaborates with upstream and downstream suppliers to build a green semiconductor supply chain. In order to encourage suppliers to boost their energy and resource efficiency as well as invest in waste reduction and pollution prevention, TSMC held its first "advanced process material workshop" for raw material suppliers. The discussion was based on the future and challenges of green manufacturing with focuses on energy and power saving, water and waste conservation, and advanced metrology technology. TSMC experts from various fields introduced specific activities in green manufacturing. They also guided and assisted suppliers to face the coming challenges of advanced process technologies.

Creating an Exclusive Forum for Advanced Process Raw Material Suppliers

In order to respond to the long-term strategy and sustainable development goal of the supply chain resilience, TSMC has formed a cross-department task force between the NMC (Nano material center), NFD (New factory design division), and CHAD (Chemical analysis lab department ). In 2018, we proactively provided counseling and assistance to suppliers for the first time in the form of a forum to share our experience to advanced process raw material suppliers and jointly pursue cross-border cyclical applications of material and energy resources.

2018 TSMC Advanced Material Workshop

Topic Future and Challenge in Green Manufacturing
Organizer TSMC – NMC ( Nano Material Workshop )
Invited Audience Raw material suppliers supporting 10nm & 7nm
Purpose Assisting suppliers to upgrade their technology while taking into account product quality and sustainable development
Focus Issues
Power & Energy
Water & Waste Reduction
Advanced Metrology Technology

Partnering with Suppliers to Face Advanced Process Challenges

Since the development time of semiconductor advanced processes is constantly shortening, how to rapidly develop new materials while taking into account of capacity requirements and product quality is a challenge to TSMC and its suppliers.


Assist suppliers to continue improving process and quality


Material quality and technology are critical to the success of semiconductor process evolution. TSMC and its suppliers work together to meet the challenges of material innovation, process control, quality management and creating circular economy benefits


TSMC's NMC actively implemented supplier counseling. In 2018, we invited environmental material suppliers to participate in the forum for the first time on issures regarding environmental protection, energy conservation and measurement


28 raw material suppliers supporting 10 nm and 7 nm attended the forum

With our belief in fulfilling the responsibility of global citizenship and promoting a green semiconductor supply chain, TSMC actively takes a role to be a responsible buyer and strives to improve the resilience of the supply chain. In the long term, we expect to complete counseling of 38 suppliers from 2016 to 2020 by strengthening suppliers' resilience and improving their process technology and quality.