TSMC develops the “Innovation Talent Scouting Online Merge Offline Service”, raising the quality and quantity of trade secret innovation.
Golden Coaches from Fab 12B provide guidance based on the prospective inventor’s trade secret registrations to bolster innovation capability.
Golden Coaches from Fab 15A provide guidance based on the prospective inventor’s trade secret registrations to bolster innovation capability.
Golden Coaches from Fab 15B provide guidance based on the prospective inventor’s trade secret registrations to bolster innovation capability.

TSMC Trade Secret Intelligent Management 2.0: Radical Innovation for Talent Development

Fortune Shieh

Enforcing intellectual property rights is a key strategy for TSMC’s innovation management. In addition to its pioneering Trade Secret Registration System, which has systematically and comprehensively recorded more than 340,000 cases of employees’ innovations as well as having been shared with the public to achieve co-prosperity, TSMC launched the Trade Secret Intelligent Management Version 2.0: Innovation Talent Scouting Online Merge Offline Service (“ITS OMO”) in 2023 to develop even more prospective talent and further encourage innovations. Inventors with innovative potential, selected by a talent scouting artificial intelligence (“A.I.”) system and fab directors, received one-on-one mentorship from colleagues with multiple serving as Golden Coaches. By consolidating resources, TSMC nurtures talent for trade secret innovations. Since launching the service in June 2023, TSMC have successfully piloted the program in Fab 12B, Fab 15A, and Fab 15B, where six Golden Coaches mentored eighteen inventors with innovative prospects, further strengthening TSMC’s competitive advantages and momentum for sustainable operations.

A.I. Screening + Mentor, Bolstering Prospective Inventors’ Innovativeness

To enhance the innovative quality and quantity of our trade secrets, TSMC developed a customized A.I. talent scouting system based on the characteristics of registered cases submitted by colleagues to analyze and evaluate two main indicators: innovation of , and . From this, departments possessing innovative potential and prospective inventors who have yet to win a Golden Trade Secret Award are identified and selected. These inventors then receive one-on-one mentorship based on their registered cases from colleagues who have won more than two Golden Trade Secret Awards. This enables prospective inventors to learn to adopt more diverse approaches when coming up with strategies and solutions, which in turn broadens their cases’ influence at the company. At the same time, both parties provide feedback on the coaching service and platform utility through the system, validating and continuously optimizing the A.I.’s precision and reliability at identifying innovative registered trade secrets and prospective inventors. The merging of online A.I. and offline mentorship services is thus realized and transformed into a unique tool for the company to achieve a double win in developing innovative talent and further enhancements to trade secret management.

Trade Secret Intelligent Management System Version 2.0's originating strategy includes: Vitalizing static registration data through online A.I., and by combining it with dynamic personal mentorships that stimulates innovation offline, the merging of online and offline services realizes the ideal of generating more exceptional trade secrets with development of prospective innovative talent!

- Dr. Fortune Shieh, Associate General Counsel of TSMC

ITS OMO Service Operational Design

Utilizing A.I. to evaluate trade secret's innovation indices and screen prospective inventors deserves noteworthy recognition of 'innovation among innovations'. I am very excited that the company is developing such services, and I am honored to be part of it!

- TK Lee, Trade Secret Golden Coach, Department Manager at TSMC Fab 15B

The system possesses high accuracy at assessing innovation indices, and coupled with the multifaceted strategic thinking methodology that our mentors shared with us, it broadens the impact of our projects, and makes substantial improvements to inventors’ capabilities for trade secret innovation.

- We-Chung Liu, Trade Secret Innovation Prospective Inventor at TSMC Fab 15B

Unleashing employees’ latent capabilities and innovation is key to TSMC’s talent development. ITS OMO service will be expanded to fabs and departments identified by the A.I. talent scouting system after thorough analyses, and we plan to develop 100 prospective innovative talent annually. Meanwhile, the company is also evaluating a talent development initiative targeted at green trade secret registrations to increase contributions to energy conservation and carbon emission reduction. By increasing the depth of the Trade Secret Intelligent Management System, TSMC systematically raises the quality of innovations and registration numbers to generate a positive feedback loop of quantity-quality transformation that continues to drive the infinite possibilities of technology advancement and sustainable development.