TSMC Powers Ambiq Micro's World's-Lowest Energy Consumption Solutions

Industry Leading 40nm Near-Vt Technology Enables Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearable Connected Device Solutions
Richard Chung
Aaron Grassian

Leveraging TSMC's industry-leading 40nm Near-Vt (NVT) technology platform, Ambiq Micro, the pioneer and leader in ultra-low power solutions, launched the world's lowest energy consumption Apollo2 platform in 2017. One of first companies to take advantage of this new level of processing efficiency was Huawei who adopted the Apollo2 to power its new line of lightweight fitness wearables including the newly launched Huawei Band 2 Pro.

Breakthrough Power Consumption More than Doubles Battery Life

Consumers in the rapidly growing IoT and connected portable device market are demanding increased intelligence, extended battery life and more powerful features. Built on TSMC's innovative 40nm NVT technology platform, Ambiq Micro's Apollo2 is redefining what is possible by dramatically reducing energy consumption while leaving abundant application processing power to add higher intelligence to portable devices. The Apollo2 platform features high performance sensor and application processing at a breakthrough power consumption of under 10µA/MHz, enabling more than twice the battery life and allowing for battery-operated devices to increase the accuracy of sensing algorithms or add new features like always-on voice detection and command recognition.

Industry-leading and Comprehensive Ultra-low Power/Ultra-low Leakage/NVT Technology Platform

TSMC provides industry-leading and comprehensive ultra-low power (ULP) technology platforms to support innovation for IoT and wearable applications. TSMC's offerings, including 55nm ULP, 40nm ULP, 28nm ULP, 22nm ULP/Ultra-low leakage (ULL), have been widely adopted by various IoT and wearable applications. TSMC extends its offering with NVT technology for extreme low power applications such as Ambiq Micro's Apollo2 platform. TSMC ULP/ULL/NVT platform also provides a comprehensive design ecosystem, which accelerates bringing the best IoT and wearable devices to the market.