TSMC develops virtual audit technology, allowing customers to audit their wafer production line in real time.

TSMC's Virtual Audit Technology Creates a Win-win Situation with Customers

Vida Peng
Ivan Yang

As a trusted technology and capacity provider in the global logic IC industry, TSMC is committed to creating the best customer service experience. In response to the challenges posed by COVID-19 to the global supply chain, TSMC has turned the crisis into an opportunity. The Company actively introduced digital transformation technology into audit operation and successfully developed “virtual audit” technology which has helped reduce cross-border personnel transportation while still being able to conduct audits before the official mass production so that customer production plans can be smoothly supported. , a total of 39 customers have completed online virtual audits and all of them have passed customer certification, creating a win-win partnership.

TSMC upholds the core value of "Customer Trust", continuously introduces new technologies and innovative collaboration models with customers, and hopes to become a critical enabler of customer success to achieve a win-win objective.

- Cliff Hou, Senior Vice President of Europe and Asia Sales at TSMC

Introduce Mixed Reality to Audit Wafer Production Lines in Real Time

In response to the product needs of some end customers, on-site audit is a necessary step prior to formal mass production. In order to keep customer production plans from being affected by the epidemic, TSMC took advantage of the opportunity of digital transformation and broke through the time and space restrictions of traditional on-site audit. Since 2020, under the security standards for confidential information between customers and TSMC, video conferencing and sharing tools have been used as customer audit platforms. In addition to the remote data sharing, mixed reality technology was further introduced to enhance the existing virtual audit capability in the following year. Customers can use the wearable device worn by TSMC auditors in the cleanroom to actually observe the internal operation of the fab remotely and ask questions. They can conduct “real-time production line audits” which achieves the same effect as traditional on-site audits and effectively shortens the mass production schedule as well as accelerates product launch.

The Digital Transformation Timeline for TSMC Customer Audits

The Digital Transformation Timeline for TSMC Customer Audits

TSMC believes that actively innovating and providing the highest quality products and services has always been key to customer satisfaction. With this belief, TSMC continues digital transformation, aiming to provide excellent service and establish deeper customer partnership, so customers and TSMC can collaboratively to catch the market opportunities.