Dr. C.C. Wei, CEO of TSMC, highlights how TSMC enhances and expands our power-efficient technology portfolio and manufacturing capabilities to unleash our customers’ innovations.

TSMC FINFLEX™, N2 Process Innovations Debut at 2022 Technology Symposium

Rebecca Chen
Richard Chung

TSMC held its in-person Technology Symposium with a virtual event in parallel for the first time in 2022, showcasing its industry-leading advanced logic technology, specialty technology, and TSMC 3DFabric™ advanced system integration service. The next-generation leading-edge N2 process powered by nanosheet transistor architecture and the TSMC FINFLEX™ innovation for the N3 and N3E processes made their debut at the event. As of September, a record of over 5,500 people participated in this year’s Symposiums, which took place in North America, Europe, China, Taiwan, and Japan, showing customers’ high interest in the event.

We are living in a supercharged digital age where demand for computational power and energy efficiency is growing faster than ever before, creating unprecedented growth opportunities for the semiconductor industry. The innovations we showcased at our Technology Symposium demonstrate TSMC’s technology leadership and our commitment to support our customers.

- Dr. C.C. Wei, CEO of TSMC

Major Technologies Highlighted at the 2022 Symposium Include

At the 2022 Technology Symposium, heavyweight customers around the world also joined us to share their success stories of collaboration with TSMC, covering major breakthroughs in 5G communication, High Performance Computing (HPC), AI, electric vehicle, and healthcare. Also, this year’s Technology Symposium featured an expanded Innovation Zone. In a total of 37 customers shared their innovative technologies and products that could make this world better, including GaN transistors, low energy wireless IoT chips, AI edge computing chips, AI-augmented reality glasses, and automotive sensors.

Customers Around the Globe Shared Their Insights and Success Stories of Collaboration with TSMC

The rapid development of AI and 5G not only diversifies the applications of technology products but will also unlock enormous growth of industries supported by semiconductors, such as HPC, smartphones, automotive electronics, and IoT. TSMC will continue to advance and expand our technology portfolio and manufacturing capabilities to unleash our customers’ high efficiency and lower power consumption innovations, using technology to bring about great changes in people’s lives and empower a sustainable future.