Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman and ESG Steering Committee Chairperson (on the right), and Dr. Jun He, Vice President of Quality and Reliability (on the left), communicate and interact at the Quality Forum.
TSMC participates in TCIA to exchange practical experience across industries.
TSMC encourages suppliers to participate in the TCIA to stimulate more innovative ideas to improve quality.

TSMC Continues to Cultivate Quality Culture and Drive Innovation from Six Aspects

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Quality is the cornerstone of sustainable enterprise management. With an vision to pursue a sustainable future, TSMC strives to provide outstanding semiconductor foundry services and develops quality culture into daily operations from 6 aspects: Define, Integrate, Encourage, Share, Coach, and Drive. In line with our beliefs of strengthening the supply chain, TSMC encourages suppliers to participate in the to stimulate more innovative ideas to improve quality. TSMC also launches online courses on TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy to share our quality tools and methodology with suppliers and the public for free, sowing the seeds of positive change and realizing our commitment to “Quality Policy”.

To use innovative methods in our jobs to pursue advances, to optimize our workflow to increase efficiency, and to constantly review ourselves and improve further. This is TSMC’s unwavering commitment to quality.

- Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman and ESG Steering Committee Chairperson at TSMC

TSMC Quality Culture Development from Six Aspects

Courses for New Employees and Quality Forum to Upgrade Quality Management

To refine quality management, TSMC added quality culture courses in new employee orientations since 2022 to help new employees build awareness of quality and TSMC core values, accelerating integration and adaptation to their duties. As of August, more than 7,000 new employees have been trained to commit to the goal of quality excellence. In addition, TSMC integrated multiple tools onto the "Quality Academy" sharing platform and kept updating the content to facilitate idea exchanges and quality practices. Currently, the platform has accumulated more than 250,000 views. In 2022, the first “Quality Forum” was held with the theme " The Challenges and Opportunities of Quality Excellence in Digital Transformation". The event was introduced by Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman and ESG Steering Committee Chairperson, with a keynote speech delivered by Dr. Chris Lin, Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Corporate Information Technology. Dr. Chris Lin also joined a panel discussion at the event with Dr. Jun He, Vice President of Quality and Reliability. A total of 3,065 employees participated in the event and were encouraged to learn experiences from other organizations.

As an account manager, I am aware that if product quality fails, every partner in the industry chain will be exposed to huge risks. Therefore, each employee's implementation of quality culture is the foundation for TSMC's long-term success.

- Luke Chen, Account Manager at Asia Pacific Business Development-2 Division, the Trainee of New Employ Orientation in 2022

Working with Suppliers to Strengthen Quality Capabilities and Achieve a Win-win Situation

TSMC not only cultivates quality culture, but also proactively shares quality experience to suppliers and encourages them to participate in the TCIA to optimize quality capability. A total of 29 suppliers participated in the TCIA in 2021, winning 3 Gold Awards, 2 Silver Awards and 4 Bronze Awards. Suppliers that were unable to join the competition were invited to attend online sharing sessions after the competition where TSMC quality experts provided consultations remotely. In addition, TSMC expects to launch 2 online interactive courses in the fourth quarter of 2022, "Introduction to PDCA" and "Introduction to STOP & FIX", to help suppliers enhance their continuous improvement capability and quality risk awareness, and to achieve a win-win situation with TSMC.