TSMC’s Vice President Y.L. Wang delivers a welcome speech at the conference.
Professors observe the application of TSMC's new equipment and materials.
Students listen to a lecturer explaining the machine structure in the Newcomer Training Center.
Students visit TSMC's EE Workshop and actual interaction.
Professors visit the clean room in Fab 18.

TSMC Holds Equipment Engineer Workshop to Strengthen Industry-academia Collaboration

Jenny Dai
Willie Chang

Equipment engineers are important promoters of process optimization and capacity improvement in the semiconductor industry. The Equipment Engineer (EE) Workshop, held by TSMC allows equipment engineers to exhibit their outstanding work in order to expand the synergy of learning and sharing. In 2021, the scale of the 10th EE Workshop was greatly expanded. In addition to inviting more engineering-related professors and students to participate in the exhibition tour and career talk, the Newcomer Training Center (NTC) and the state-of- the-art Fab18 were also open to visit, further deepening industry-academia collaboration. A total of 49 professors from 12 schools and 296 students from 17 schools participated in the 4 sessions of the event.

The TSMC EE Workshop was fantastic. I saw a lot of things that are not accessible at school. The tour of the Newcomer Training Center and the sharing by alumni were the most rewarding experiences of all.

- Zhiyu Liu, Student of Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology

Four Major Improvement Achievements, Showing the Value of Equipment Engineers

TSMC’s EE Workshop demonstrated equipment engineers' improvements in four areas: "system integration, equipment renovation, easy-to-use tools, and energy saving." After the visit, professors commented that TSMC not only applies the basic principles of physics, chemistry, electronics, mechanics, and materials science to improve semiconductor manufacturing technology, but also provides students the chance to understand the spirit of equipment engineers to make breakthroughs and improve themselves, helping to reverse the stereotype that the work of equipment engineers is repetitive with low technical content and further demonstrating their professional value.

As an equipment engineer, by using different methods to find root causes of problems and solving them, you can make your own unique achievements at work.

- Chia-Lu Hsiao, Engineer of Nano Etch Equipment Section-2 at Fab 15A, TSMC

Visit the Newcomer Training Center and Fab 18 to Understand the Cultivation and Development of TSMC's Talents

In June 2021, TSMC officially opened the largest semiconductor Newcomer Training Center in Taiwan at its Taichung site. Through 6 to 8 weeks of training in equipment, process, process integration, and manufacturing systems, newcomers learn semiconductor technology and on-duty skills. Many students said that TSMC’s complete training program helps shorten the gap between learning and application, so that they could better integrate into the workplace. In addition, TSMC also invited professors to visit Fab 18, which produces 5nm wafers. In the fab, the professors saw various advanced equipment and automated transmission systems. Senior executives and professors also had a discussion on industry-academia collaboration. Many professors were deeply impressed with TSMC's ever-changing manufacturing technology and innovation.

Preparing Students for the Future Through Face-to-Face Career Talk

In addition to industry-academia discussions with professors, TSMC also held a Career Talk for students. Fab managers and alumni engineers shared their work experience and career development as equipment engineers. Through the career talk, students acquired a better understanding of the capabilities, professional skills and working attitude required for development in the semiconductor industry. It also helped them established their learning direction while in school, allowing them to plan their future career goals in advance. After the event, 70% of the students expressed their interest in joining TSMC after graduation.

Multiple Approaches to Deepen Campus Relations & Accelerate Industry-academia Collaboration

Through the EE workshop, the tour of the Newcomer Training Center and 5nm fab as well as the career talk, TSMC not only allowed professors and students to see the innovation and breakthroughs of semiconductor manufacturing technology but also demonstrated that TSMC attaches great importance to the cultivation of new talents. To deepen the industry-academia collaboration with STEM departments of various universities and allow more students to understand their prospects in the semiconductor industry, TSMC plans to hold the 11th EE Workshop in the fourth quarter of 2022. The scale of the next EE Workshop will be expanded with more professors and students invited to learn about TSMC’s advanced manufacturing technology as well as the value of engineers’ work through first-hand experience.

I’m so glad that “Waste liquid reduction by vacuum cryogenic distillation” was able to win an award. Through collaboration with professors and students, it not only shows the creativity of engineers, but also conveys TSMC's determination to save energy and reduce waste.

- Shih-Lin Wu, Engineer of Resource Recycling Management Program at Taichung Facility, TSMC

TSMC’s 10th Equipment Engineer Workshop