TSMC's Ultra Low Power technology enables innovations in smart cities and achieves a better quality of life.
TSMC's Ultra Low Power technology enables innovation in powerful, energy-efficient medical device.

TSMC’s World Leading "Ultra Low Power Technology" Saves Two Billion Watts of Energy, Helping Customers Achieve Sustainable Innovation

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TSMC is committed to assisting customers in producing high-performance and energy-efficient products using semiconductor technology, in responding to the  United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, TSMC launched the world’s leading Ultra Low Power (ULP) technology that is a key platform to enable Internet of Thing (IoT) applications, continuously improving the battery life and features of . , TSMC's ULP technology has helped to save  of energy in the world, significantly contributing to energy efficiency while improving quality of life.

TSMC's industry-leading Ultra Low Power technology helps customers unleash IoT innovation and launch more energy-efficient products to truly achieve a sustainable society.

- Dr. Kevin Zhang, Senior Vice President of Business Development at TSMC

Adopting Key Low-power Technologies to Attain Efficient Performance and Reduce Energy Consumption

To provide environmental friendly and high energy efficient technologies, TSMC launched a cross-functional "ULP Pioneer Project" with the collaboration of IoT Business Development Division, the Product Technology Advancement Division, and the Design and Technology Platform. In the past 7 years, the Company has worked closely with customers to define technical specifications based on the system usage and developed key  for the existing technology platforms. TSMC has successfully introduced the 55nm, 40nm, 22nm, and 12nm Ultra Low Power technologies that provide customers with low-power consumption and high-efficiency solutions while accelerating product innovation and time-to-market.

TSMC Ultra Low Power Platform

TSMC Ultra Low Power Platform

Various Applications in Healthcare Device Realize for Good Health and Well-being

In addition to improving energy efficiency, TSMC has also made efforts to support the application development using its Ultra Low Power technology in the healthcare area, helping customers unleash various medical and healthcare product innovations including smart hearing aids and wearable devices such as pacemaker and smart band that provide better medical and healthcare services to satisfy different customers. TSMC continues to develop Ultra Low Power technology for its leading nodes to address the design challenges of IoT applications and create shared value for a sustainable future.

Timeline of TSMC's Ultra Low Power Technology Development

Timeline of TSMC's Ultra Low Power Technology Development