Corporate Quality Culture Enhancement

To enhance corporate quality culture with continual improvements on product quality, production efficiency and cost reduction, TSMC fully promoted the "Suggestion" in basic level and the activities of "Continual Improvement Team (CIT)". TSMC also held a corporate-level "Total Quality Excellence and Innovation conference". In 2017, there were 42,056 suggestions issued at the grass roots level, and a total of 2,020 continual improvement team activities were registered and implemented. Among them, 45% of continual improvement team activities focused on product quality enhancement.

Examples in 2017 Total Quality Excellence and Innovation Conference

Group Cases Benefit
Quality Enhancement To improve the methods in Lithography processes 99.7%
Enhanced product yield to 99.7%
To improve the methods in Integrated Fan-Out (InFO) clean process 88%
Improved test reject rate 88%
To improve the methods in Furnace process 75%
Reduced product defect 75%
To improve the methods in 3D image sensor Etching process 50%
Enhanced image sensor quality 50%
Customer Satisfaction To develop 40nm Ultra Low Power technology 80%
Improved customer product power performance 80%
To establish innovative design service platform for stacked CMOS image sensors 70%
Shortened customer product development schedule 70%
Environment, Safety, Health To reduce 8-inch Fab carbon emissions and save energy 63,500tons
Reduced CO2 emissions by 63,500 tons and reduced the use of electricity 60,290,000 kilowatt-hours annually