Dr. C.C. Wei (middle), TSMC’s CEO presented the awards in recognition of the winners’ research achievements at the 7th Annual Trade Secret Awards Ceremony.
TSMC’s legal department invited the relevant teams to produce films and posters to promote their achievements and teamwork spirit.
Team members showed their supports and appreciation to the award winners.

TSMC Adopts Intelligent Automation (IA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies for Trade Secret Management Innovation

Shelly Kuo

In 2019, TSMC continued to strengthen its “Trade Secret Registration and Management System” by pioneering the introduction of advanced technologies like intelligent automation (IA) and artificial intelligence (IA) into the system. The system features an intelligent reminder for technology developers and an AI chatbot that provides quick replies to frequently asked questions, and was built with an up to date analysis function for data visualization. This intelligent trade secret management system has strengthened the Company’s competitiveness and received a Special Award at TSMC 2019 Operations Idea Forum.

An Intelligent Automation (IA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered TSMC Intelligent Trade Secret Management System

Trade secrets are the core of our R&D team’s relentless innovation and technical leadership, which guarantee TSMC’s continued business growth.

- Advanced Tool and Module Development Division

TSMC Golden Trade Secret Awards Granted to More than 4,000 Registrants

Under the management of TSMC’s legal department, the Trade Secret Registration and Management System allows employees to instantaneously and accurately register their inventions, technology and other innovations. Since 2013, TSMC, in order to increase the quality and quantity of trade secrets and to encourage employee participation, has granted the Golden Trade Secret Awards annually to inventors of trade secrets that contribute most to the Company’s competitiveness. As of 2019, over 1,300 Golden Trade Secrets awards have been granted to more than 4,000 inventors. In 2019, colleagues from R&D departments were also invited to produce short videos highlighting the importance of trade secrets and extolling the value of teamwork and innovation.