TSMC successfully developed "All-in-One Wafer in Process Report" to effectively integrate wafer information at various stages.

"All-in-One Wafer in Process Report" Significantly Improves Customer's Effectiveness in Information Processing

One Click Integrates Manufacturing Status at All Stages; Improving Convenience of Customers' Access to Information by 50%
Fa-Liang Wang
May-Ho Ko

Customer trust is one of TSMC's most important core values and the key to the Company's success. In order to provide customers with comprehensive and real-time product manufacturing information to make them feel like in their own factories where they can track order status 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, TSMC analyzed customers' needs for wafer manufacturing information reports, inquiry process and usage habits in the TSMC-Online system. In 2018, TSMC successfully developed "All-in-One Wafer in Process Report" to effectively integrate wafer information at various stages.

Now, customers don't need to inquire variant production reports and integrate the data between reports. Through the "All-in-One Wafer in Process Report", customers only need to select desired information type based on variant management purpose. They can get the complete information from engineering data of new products, order inquiry, to product status at one time. The "All-in-One Wafer in Process Report" can save customers' time in switching inquiries and processing data between variant reports, and help customers manage wafer production information accurately and effectively.

All-in-One Wafer in Process Report Integrates Product Status at All Stages

To provide customers the best service, TSMC establishes a dedicated customer service team as the communication window. The "All-in-One Wafer in Process Report" is an enhanced service after we further understand customers' needs. Since its launch in 2018 to June this year, more than 450 customers have used the "All-in-One Wafer in Process Report", accumulates more than 50,000 user times. This innovation reduces the number of report clicks by 50%, significantly improving the convenience of customers' access to information. It also shortens the time of customizing report from a few days to 5 minutes, quickly meets customers' diverse needs in manufacturing information at each stage.

Performance of "All-in-One Wafer in Process Report"

Usage Rate

customers are using the report
accumulating user times
Convenience of
Information Access
Time of
Customizing Report
Few days→5minutes

Customer Feedback in "All-in-One Wafer in Process Report"