15 outstanding organizations were rewarded with 9 PIP awards in the 2018 PIP meeting
In the 2018 PIP meeting, PIP committee representatives reviewed PIP implementation status and accomplishments

TSMC Continues to Strengthen Proprietary Information Protection

Diversified PIP Implementation to Protect TSMC Competitiveness
Jill Wang

Implementing “Proprietary Information Protection” (PIP) policies is the responsibility of every TSMC employee. Through long-term and continuous improvement activities such as training and promotion, annual PIP competitions, and PIP collaboration meetings with representatives of all organizations and overseas subsidiaries, TSMC secures confidential information to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders.

Comprehensive PIP Committee Protects Corporate and Customer Information

The Proprietary Information Protection Division (PIPD) under TSMC’s Corporate Information Security (CIS) is in charge of PIP policy and implementation. The Information Security Working Committee, established by all functions, convenes its monthly PIP Committees to discuss critical PIP issues such as information protection, education, compliance, and policy applicability to ensure a thorough implementation of the PIP policy. In addition, TSMC holds an annual PIP case competition to select the best PIP practices based on relevant indicators and targets. PIP champions are announced to all employees in the committee meeting.

Rolling Review in Annual Meeting, Fully Protecting PIP

In the 2018 annual meeting, PIPD invited PIP committee representatives from Taiwan and overseas subsidiaries, including TSMC (China), TSMC (Nanjing), WaferTech, and more. Legal Vice President and General Counsel Sylvia Fang, and Human Resources Vice President Connie Ma, presented 9 PIP awards to 15 outstanding organizations in the meeting. The current status and next year’s targets were fully discussed and reviewed in the meeting.

2018 PIP Enforcement Status

PIPD and all PIP committees will continue to strengthen TSMC’s PIP on employees’ behavioral, systemic, and educational aspects to let the concept of confidential information protection take root in TSMC’s daily operations.