TSMC CEO C.C. Wei conferred special awards in appreciation of the vice presidents and directors
A group picture for The 6th TSMC Golden Trade Secret Awards Ceremony
Recipients’ team members attended the ceremony

A Record High of Over 8,800 Trade Secrets Registered

TSMC 6th Golden Trade Secret Awards Ceremony
Shelly Kuo

Trade secrets are inextricably linked with TSMC’s competitive advantage. To comprehensively and effectively manage these valuable intellectual properties, TSMC established a trade secret registration system. Once a year, to encourage employee contributions to the company, TSMC selects the registered trade secrets with the most effect on the company’s competitiveness to be issued Golden Trade Secret Awards.

Anniversary Special Awards Reaffirm our Innovative Mechanism

TSMC’s mechanism of registering trade secrets is embodied by its Trade Secret Registration and Management System. Since the system was established in 2013, TSMC employees have responded positively in recording their innovations and enhancing TSMC’s management of its trade secrets. To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the registration system in 2018, TSMC CEO C.C. Wei conferred four special awards, including Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, Best Partner Award, Outstanding Promotion Award, and Technology Leadership Award, in appreciation of the vice presidents and directors who have worked hard in strong support of the program in the past few years.

Special Award Description
Entrepreneurial Spirit Award Established TSMC’s Trade Secret Registration and Management System
Best Partner Award Supported TSMC’s Trade Secret Registration and Management System
Outstanding Promotion Award Used effective approaches to increase the registration number
Technology Leadership Award Encouraged the registration of key technologies related to advanced manufacturing and R&D

Awards Brought to Fabs to Encourage Innovative Spirit

As in previous years, the Golden Trade Secret Awards in 2018 were conferred on representatives of the recipients at a ceremony held at TSMC headquarters. In addition, the 2018 awards were handed out to the winning team members at production meetings and staff meetings held at the various TSMC fabs. The highest level department supervisors presided over these individual award ceremonies to commend the recipients for their contributions and encourage others to participate in the trade secret registration program.

As of the end of 2018, TSMC had issued 1,063 Golden Trade Secret Awards to over 3,300 outstanding employees. In 2018 alone, over 8,800 trade secrets were registered, not only meeting the targeted amount, but setting a record high.

Implementing Trade Secret Protection to Consolidate Technology Leadership

TSMC’s Trade Secret Registration and Management System is interlinked with the company’s other internal systems, including a mechanism for valuating trade secrets serving to enhance the company’s operational management. Moving forward, TSMC will continue to encourage employees to create detailed records of their inventions. With continuous innovation, the increase in both quantity and quality of TSMC’s trade secrets will be uninterrupted, and further progress will be made in strengthening the company’s competitive advantage.