TSMC promotes proprietary information protection awareness through diversified channels
The Corporate Security Division arranges face-to-face training courses to deliver the major concepts of PIP

TSMC Promotes Awareness and Takes Action on Proprietary Information Protection

TSMC Raises Proprietary Information Protection Awareness among Employees and Suppliers through Micro-movies and Many Other Creative Promotional Channels
Y.C. Huang
Jill Wang

Proprietary Information Protection (PIP) is the key to a company's competitive edge, and a commitment from TSMC to customers, shareholders and employees. TSMC responds to the increasing importance of proprietary information protection for maintaining current and future competitive advantage, and devises PIP policies to define proprietary information protection and management guidelines. TSMC trade secrets and related undisclosed confidential information are protected under these guidelines in the best interest of the company, shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers. To proactively and aggressively implement PIP concepts, ideas and actions, TSMC continuously raises PIP awareness among TSMC employees and suppliers with training classes and also launched creative new promotional channels last year.

Diversified PIP Promotions

The Corporate Security Division (COSD) of TSMC continuously promotes PIP programs through annual PIP training classes and several promotion channels, not only to employees but also to suppliers to ensure proprietary information protection by forming an alliance with them.

Employees Suppliers
PIP Training for NewcomersNewcomers complete a basic PIP training course on their 1st day at TSMC. The Corporate Security Division arranges face-to-face training courses and micro-movies to deliver the major concepts of PIP. PIP Training for New SuppliersSuppliers are required to sign the "TSMC Confidentiality Assurance Letter"(a NDA)and complete PIP training courses before entering TSMC. These measures ensure that all suppliers understand TSMC PIP policies and management procedure.
Connecting PIP with Job FunctionThe Corporate Security Division provides different PIP online courses based on organization and employee's job function to help them understand more about PIP after throughout their time in TSMC. PIP Promotion for SuppliersTSMC adopts proprietary Information protection with suppliers, including annual PIP communication meetings to raise supplier's PIP knowledge.
PIP Annual RefreshThe Corporate Security Division plans an annual "PIP Annual Refresh" training course for employees to understand new PIP policies and management mechanisms. PIP Concepts TakeawaysThe Corporate Security Division created the "Vendor's PIP Handbook – Vendor Badge Introduction" to deliver major PIP concepts and rules for vendors.

Creative PIP Promotion and Communications

In addition to high-level PIP implementation, TSMC reinforces PIP promotions and training through multiple channels. To adopt innovative communications relevant to the younger generation of employees, the Corporate Security Division (COSD) created 24 PIP promotional posters to deliver PIP awareness, and 8 PIP micro-movies to deliver major PIP concepts in 2017. COSD facilitates communication on multiple channels, such as showing micro movies on digital billboards, and promoted communications at many levels to raise all employees' PIP awareness and understanding. These micro-movies were viewed over 10 thousand times in 3 months. Positive feedback was received with comments such as "this communication tool is creative and effective; it brought a lot of feedback." 93% of employees agreed that the promotion effectively helped to deepen their personal PIP awareness.

Defining the control procedures and regulations of PIP to secure TSMC's trade secrets and unpublished confidential information is the Corporate Security Division's mission. Creative communications and innovative promotions will be implemented continuously to strengthen TSMC's PIP. We will continue to embed PIP concepts into TSMC employees' and suppliers' daily work by evolving communication channels in the future.