Learning teamwork and increasing morale through the Cricket Tournament
To celebrate Holi, people splashed colorful powder to each other, hug and dance to celebrate the festival
Indian employees enjoy Taiwan's scenic beauty and get familiar with each other at outings

TSMC Proactively Creates Diversified and Friendly Workplace

Peace Fang
Ara Ouyang
Monica Lin
Arthur Lin

TSMC views employees as the most important asset and provides an active and friendly workplace. "Putting the right person in the right position" is the company's long-term strategy and sustainable development goal. Taking the R&D organization as an example, they not only fly to India to recruit local talents every year, but also provide scholarship, workshop, international workplace, and cultural activities to attract good talents in India. Using different means to build a diversified workplace ensures that TSMC attracts and retains excellent talents.

Top-down Strategy to Achieve a Diversified Workplace

Diversity gives strength.

- Dr. Morris Chang, TSMC Founder

TSMC Founder, Dr. Morris Chang, has repeatedly spoken on the importance about "organization diversification" in Executive Communication Meetings, encouraging organizations and individuals to change in a diverse and open manner. Diversification can not only introduces openness, but also promotes overall innovation. Due to Founder's emphasis, "diversification" in TSMC is an active part of our corporate culture from the top down.

Actively Attracting Top Indian Talents

TSMC has participated in campus recruitment event for many years. In order to engage with outstanding Indian talents, TSMC collaborated with the International College of Semiconductor Technology (ICST) of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) for the first time in September this year to hold a joint workshop "TSMC Day - VLSI Design Trends and Challenges" in India.

TSMC Day - VLSI Design Trends and Challenges


Attracting talents for graduate studies at NCTU to develop desired design skills and learn Mandarin for adapting to Taiwan environment.


Sophomore~PhD students and professors from related majors, NCTU faculty, and TSMC managers from Business Development, Design and Technology Platform, and HR.


TSMC Managers and NCTU professors gave tech talks, Introduction to TSMC, ICST degree program introduction, and held a panel discussion during the workshop. The event opened with video clips of a TSMC Indian engineer and his spouse sharing their experience in TSMC and Taiwan, as well as giving advice to students for working and studying abroad.

Incentive for Students to Study in Taiwan

Outstanding Student Scholarships

Establishing A Good Working Environment

Indian Employees have good skills in English and programming. They are always willing to accept challenges.

- Dr. Cliff Hou, TSMC R&D / TD Vice President

"Employees in DTP have many opportunities to communicate with foreign customers or vendors, so Indian employees have much room to perform, which also brings good influence to other employees. Furthermore, due to their backgrounds, Indian employees are accustomed to exceeding the status quo, maintaining their curiosity, and raising innovative processes at work. To help Indian employees perform well, we are proactively trying to build up an environment which is suitable for them." said TSMC R&D / TD Vice President Dr. Cliff Hou.

Proactively Establishing A Good Working Environment

Realizing Work-Life Balance through Diversified Activities

One of the most important factors in building a working environment with work-life balance is emotional connection. Indian employees at TSMC not only diligently focus on their work, but also make efforts to increase connections with each other in their daily life. They built up a working team spontaneously, and made an annual schedule in the beginning of the year for holding various activities for Indian employees and their families, such as Picnic Day, Indian Culture Day, Diwali and a Cricket Tournament.

The main purpose of these different activities is to familiarize Indian employees with each other. Members in this working team also set up a complete handover process to make sure those special Indian activities can be held permanently not only for Indian employees but also for employees from different nationalities who want to join them. In addition, they applied for an online group, the TSMC Indian Family, in social media for Indian employees to share information and photos. They use these digital media to get close to each other and realize work-life balance.