Managers can learn in real time and hold discussions via the learning platform when encountering management issues in daily work

TSMC Establishes Digital Learning Platform to Enhance Management Skills

The Brand New Online Learning Platform - “Manager How’s Grocery Store” Has Launched, Enhancing Employees’ Development in a Creative Way
Alice Chuang

As a leading global semiconductor manufacturing company, TSMC believes that company growth and employee development are closely connected, and it is essential to provide an innovative and diversified learning environment. To enhance management leadership and help managers overcome challenges, TSMC’s Human Resources Organization collects feedback on everyday management issues and provides professional advice and suggestions by emphasizing both practice and theory. In 2017, in response to workplace changes and rapid organizational growth, HR systematically established a digital online learning platform - “Manager How’s Grocery Store” - to provide easy-to-understand multimedia content based on collected management issues, and to offer timely assistance to managers of all levels.

Innovative and Lively Learning Content and Format

“Manager How’s Grocery Store” provides three different categories of services:

Micro-learning Videos

Presenting through animation the most common management issues a manager would encounter, such as working hour management, employee transfer, etc. Each video is less than 5 minutes, and provides professional suggestions and reminders to managers.


Providing different kinds of management tools, such as worksheets, reference books, and useful articles, etc. Toolkits help managers learn key points quickly and apply them to the workplace.

Discussion Boards

Setting up different discussion boards according to topic, enabling managers to communicate and exchange their management experiences on the platform.

In the case of working hour management, micro-learning videos use a concise and easy method to illustrate company and government policies and rules related to working hours. Micro videos also explain the common reasons for long working hours, and provide suggestions to enhance effectiveness.

Also taking working hour management as an example, the learning platform not only provides micro-learning videos, but also provides worksheets and step-by-step solutions to help managers enhance effectiveness.

Managers are encouraged to pass down their experience via “Manager How’s Grocery Store”. This multilateral platform deepens the spirit and effectiveness of managers’ learning and development.

Learning Results and Future Direction

Since the launch of “Manager How’s Grocery Store” in Sep. 2017, 40% of managers have watched micro-learning videos on the platform in order to respond to daily management challenges and problems. The creation of this brand new learning tool is a key milestone for TSMC employee development. Digital learning resources offer more immediate and interactive learning experiences to closely combine learning and work. In the future, TSMC will continue to offer high-quality customized content as well as extending to topics such as quality management and soft skills. In order to assist employees’ learning and development, TSMC is planning to release 2,000 micro-learning materials on the learning platform in 2020.