TSMC optimizes the learning performance of suppliers through small group workshops.
TSMC optimizes the learning performance of suppliers through small group workshops.
TSMC strengthens suppliers' environmental health and safetyand loss prevention skills through small group workshops.

TSMC's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Fire Response Workshop Further Enhances Supplier’s Protective Skills

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TSMC is committed to strengthening resilience of supply chain operations. In addition to the regular promotion of sustainability practices such as the Environmental Health and Safety Forums, TSMC has organized small-group workshops on EHS and fire response since the third quarter of 2022, with the goal of raising suppliers’ environmental heal and safety and loss prevention skills. Through in-person tutorials, group discussions, and practical exercises guided by professional lecturers, suppliers’ performance and self-management skillsare greatly improved. As of November, four sessions of workshop have been completed, with a total of 114 participants from 100 suppliers, continuing to deliver on the commitments for the Health and Safety Policy.

TSMC’s Key Initiatives in Promoting Supply Chain EHS and Loss Prevention

Small Group Learning Enhances Participation and Performance

During the audit process of the Supplier Healthiness Assessment Rectification Program (S.H.A.R.P.), TSMC found that some suppliers have insufficient risk assessment skills and risk prevention measures in the areas of EHS and fire protection. Because it is difficult to assess training outcomes with traditional teaching methods, TSMC's Corporate EHS Division collaborated with external experts to create tailor-made courses for environmental health and safety and fire response workshops based on the Supplier Sustainability Standards. The parcipaction of professional personnel has been greatly improved through group interactions and practical exercises. At the same time, online tests are used before and after class to help participants assess what they have learned. The lecturer can also provide explanation in real time to enhance the learning performance.

Major Deficiencies in TSMC Suppliers' EHS and Loss Prevention Audits

TSMC’s Supplier EHS and Fire Response Workshop

Thanks to TSMC for holding the Environmental Health and Safety workshop. The content is professional and interesting that provides us a clear picture about TSMC's sustainability standards and improves our EHS self-management skills through the workshop.

- Zhang Gaobin, Project Manager of Jinghe Technology Co., Ltd.

In addition to learning about TSMC's fire response management, the workshop also provided a channel for different companies to communicate with each other, share our experiences, and strengthen our emergency response measures together.

- Liao Yuanhuang, Manager of Electronic Materials Division, BASF Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Suppliers' environmental health and safety and loss prevention skill enhancement is an important part of sustainable supply chain management. In addition to strengthening the effectiveness of supplier training through small group tutorials and workshops, TSMC has also added spot checks to the audits to continuously update safety and fire protection requirements, while expanding the number of participating suppliers in TSMC's emergency response drills, from 20 to 34 suppliers. TSMC is also collaborating with academic institutions to create teaching content for fire protection personnel in the industry in an effort to establish responsible business operationthat is beneficial to both the environment and society.