TSMC's "Virtual Walking Challenge" encourages employees to develop exercise habits and maintain physical and mental health.
TSMC's "Virtual Walking Challenge" participants go jogging during the holidays.

More Than 15,000 Employees Participate in TSMC’s "Virtual Walking Challenge", Circling the Earth 78 Times

Lita Tsai
Tsung Li Hung
Amos G.J. Lai

TSMC values the health of employees and promotes the lifestyle of "every day is a sports day". The "Virtual Walking Challenge" was first launched in 2021. The competition was designed with a new form of online sports application to encourage employees to be free from COVID-19 epidemic restrictions. Cross-organization/regional teams can be formed to cultivate exercise habits. The second session launched in 2022, the number of participants reached 15,260, and the total mileage of walking during the 84-day competition was 3,119,953 kilometers, equivalent to , with a total calorie consumption of 193,936 kcal.

An Expanded Second Session and a Greatly Upgraded Race Period and Mileage

TSMC "Virtual Walking Challenge" adopts free team registration, with 10 people in a group. Once employees open the sports application on their mobile phones, they can record their exercise status at any time and accumulate personal walking mileage. Due to the enthusiastic response from employees in the first session, in order to encourage more employees to integrate sports into their lives, the number of days and the number of kilometers up to the standard was further increased in the second session. The competition period was upgraded from 28 days with a total of 550 kilometers to 84 days with a total of 1,800 kilometers. The average weekly walking mileage has gradually increased from 10 kilometers to 20 kilometers. Even employees who have no exercise habit can try to join this walking challenge. TSMC also designs up-to-standard rewards, and teams that meet the standards can participate in the lucky draw, motivating employees to continue exercising motivation.

TSMC "Virtual Walking Challenge" Continues to Improve

"BMI Achievement Reward" Added to Encourage Employees to Lose Weight and Keep Healthy

In addition to increasing employees’ interest in sports through application design competitions, TSMC also invites experts in the fields of nutrition and sports to share their knowledge of diet and exercise through live broadcasts. The Company also promotes healthy meal boxes in restaurants in various factories, to benefit colleagues and optimize results. It is committed to reducing of employees at the same time. The second session has added a "BMI Achievement Reward", welcoming employees to measure BMI at the health center before and after the walking challenge. The top 50% teams and the top 30% with the largest BMI reduction individuals can participate in the lucky draw to encourage employees to actively practice their health goals. TSMC will continue to provide a supportive environment and various health promotion activities to help employees improve their quality of life and maintain a balance between physical and mental health and work-life.

I used to stay home and watch TV after dinner. After participating in the virtual walking challenge, in order to achieve the stage goal with my teammates, I carried my younger son on my back after dinner, and went out to exercise with my wife and eldest son, and had more happy time with my family.

- Nick Yao, Team Member of the Second TSMC Virtual Walking Challenge "Beautiful Men, Handsome Women"

In the past, I didn’t like sports. Through the virtual walking challenge, I not only gradually developed the habit of exercise, but also had more opportunities to interact with my colleagues in the same group. It felt really good!

- Yu-Tung Chen, Team Member of the First TSMC Virtual Walking Challenge "All Escape"