Gas cylinder replacement training for on-site personnel of contractors
Vessel leakage emergency containment training for on-site personnel of contractors

TSMC Continues to Enhance Contractor Management

C.Y. Huang

Contractors are important partners of TSMC, and continuous enhancement on work environment safety is a key part of contractor management. For on-site personnel of these contractors, TSMC has begun to standardize safety and health training courses and increased their frequency from September 2017 onwards to enhance training effectiveness and safety awareness. To facilitate the program and mitigate on-site operational risks, TSMC has established a two-way electronic communication platform that enables instant requirements delivery.

Enhancing Safety and Health Training of On-site Personnel of Contractors

In the past, on-site personnel of contractors received general safety and health training annually as would every Facility employee of TSMC. In 2017, TSMC started to define and standardize the training courses based on actual operations that would be performed by this community. At the same time, depending on risk priority, the retraining frequency has been increased to quarterly or annually from once over a year previously.

Safety and Health Training Courses for On-site Personnel of Contractors

Training Course Re-training Frequency
Gas Cylinder Replacement Quarterly
Gas Enforcement Quarterly
ERCV Operation Annually
PPE Wearing Annually
Drum Replacement Quarterly
HPM Filter Replacement Quarterly
Chemical Enforcement Quarterly
L/S Pumping Line Cleaning Annually
Motor Drive Belt Adjustment Annually

Establishing a Two-way Communication Platform between TSMC and Contractors

To enhance communications between TSMC and contractors, TSMC has established an all-new electronic Vendor Management System (VMS), on top of the current operations meetings. With the new platform, most updated messages and requirements on safety, health, and environmental protection could be instantly delivered to frontline safety engineers and top management of contractors. Vice versa, every frontline safety engineer could utilize the system to raise questions, suggestions, or concerns, which would then be clarified, investigated, and corrected by an internal committee of TSMC. Responses will also be communicated over the platform. Through such a two-way communication, TSMC aspires to maintain constant awareness on safety, health, and environmental protection for effective migration of operational risks.