2019 R&D Idea Forum Final Competition. The judges and audience listened to presentation in the final competition.
Sr. Vice President W.J. Lo and 2019 Gold Idea Winners.

TSMC R&D Organization Establishes Diversified Communication Channels to Encourage Innovation

Haini Shen

TSMC establishes an open-style management model to cultivate a trusted, open and collaborative atmosphere in workplace. Take the R&D organization as an example. Innovation is one of the most important values, and we establish diversified communication channels to create a joyful learning work environment. In 2019, the R&D organization held 40 “focus interviews” to listen to front-line engineers’ voices for workplace improvement, in addition to regular communication meetings, cross-level communication meetings, and the annual R&D Idea Forum. All the constructive inputs were discussed in 2019 R&D Management Forum and some action items are identified as the R&D organization’s focuses in 2020.

Diversified communication channels in TSMC R&D organization

Following the communication results in 2019, the R&D organization plans to hold three to four "VP Face-to-Face Communication Meetings", 45 division-level communication meetings, the annual R&D Idea Forum, and four "focus interviews" with specific target groups such as newcomers and front-line managers. By continuously doing so, we hope to create energetic and mutual communications between front line engineers and the management team. Last but not the least, we can attract best talents around the globe and have shared vision to move forward.