TSMC’s Construction Site Safety and Health Committee engineers and contractor occupational safety personnel inspect and supervise suspension procedure onsite.
TSMC’s Construction Site Safety and Health Committee’s occupational safety audit taskforce visits construction sites daily for safety inspection, audit, and supervision, ensuring the safety of construction workers.

To Ensure Construction Safety, TSMC Enhances Construction Contractors’ Capability for Autonomous Management of Safety and Health

C.Y. Huang

As the leader in dedicated IC foundry, TSMC is dedicated to providing ample production capacity to ensure continued innovation in the semiconductor industry. To ensure the safety of all construction workers during the fab construction process, TSMC’s Corporate Environmental Protection, Safety, and Health Division began meeting with top management and senior executives of construction contractors in 2019, asking contractors to develop own safety management capability, and continued to implement safety management evaluation for high-risk construction contractors, striving to eliminate occupational accidents.

Actions of Industrial Safety

Contractor Senior Executives Lead by Example, Realizing Top-Down Safety and Health Autonomous Management

In the meetings, TSMC explained to contractors’ top leadership their obligations as prescribed by the “Occupational Safety and Health Act,” including how occupational safety and health management units shall be established as a dedicated management organization directly reporting to the employer, which grants occupational safety staff the authority to shut down hazardous construction sites.

TSMC's Newly Adopted Occupational Safety Management Measures in 2019

TSMC has identified 34 high-risk contractors based on the hazards that may be caused by the high-risk operations listed in Article 6 of the “Occupational Safety and Health Act.” By October 2019, TSMC completed high-risk contractor safety management evaluations for all the identified contractors, and provided a “Safety Evaluation Form” for contractors to carry out continued improvement through self-evaluation.

In 2020, TSMC will continue to implement its contractor sustainability action plan, and establish an interdisciplinary corporate-level safety compliance audit taskforce consisting of members from Corporate Environmental Protection, Safety, and Health Division, external construction site safety management companies, as well as experts such as retired labor inspectors with decades of professional experience in construction supervision. The safety compliance audit taskforce will formulate an audit plan, and based on different construction phases, visit construction sites to carry out safety compliance audits. The taskforce will require senior executives and safety management units of contractors with poor performances to launch comprehensive and systematic improvement measures, accelerating the development of contractors’ capability for autonomous management of safety and health.