Occupational physicians conduct on-site visits.
Occupational physicians conduct on-site visits.

Protecting Safety and Health at TSMC Workplaces with On-Site Clinical Visits

28 Site Clinical Visits Scheduled in 2019 for Continuous Occupational Hazard Elimination
Hsun-Hui Yeh
Kang-Yin Jeng
Victoria Wang
Aaron Wu

In order to protect the occupational safety and health of employees, TSMC has invited occupational medicine specialists from National Taiwan University Hospital, China Medical University Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital and Sin-Lau Hospital to cooperate with the Company's Corporate ESH Division, Safety & Health Section and fab managers, TSMC carries out regular clinic site visits and health monitoring, eliminating possible chemical, physical and ergonomic health hazards in the workplaces beginning in the fourth quarter of 2017. The Company is scheduled to conduct 28 site visits in 2019.

The Organization of Occupational Health Management Team

The on-site visits cover all TSMC sites in Hsinchu, Central Taiwan and the Tainan Science Park, including general facilities, offices, fabs and chemical laboratories. The Company inspected the potential health hazards from equipment, materials, environment and administrative management from a medical perspective, and provided suggestions to reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals, improve postures at work (including maintenance and heavy lifting), and adjust tasks and schedules. We have completed 35 site visits as of 2018.

Focusing on employee health and safety, TSMC continues to implement on-site clinical visit, and is expand the visit scheme to contractors' workplaces to protect the workplace safety and health of employees.

Case Study I – Safety Upgrade in Chemical Laboratories

TSMC highlighted a "safe work zone" within the Chemical Hood of our laboratories after the on-site visits.

To enhance the safety of cutting and grinding semi-finished products, TSMC highlighted a "safe work zone" within the Chemical Hood of our laboratories after the on-site visits, and also required the operating personnel to work within the to make sure dust and volatile hazardous substances are adequately exhausted by the ventilation system. At the same time, the Company amended health checkup regulations for the operators to add annual lung function tests, and protected employee's safety and health with specifications above government regulations.

Moreover, optimization of sample delivery and analysis processes is an important part of improving laboratory safety management. TSMC re-routed the delivery of chemical and wastewater for engineers, and installed automated doors to avoid contamination of door handles and elevator buttons in the public areas during the delivery process.

Case Study II – Access Control Improvement to Prevent Radiation Hazards

TSMC installed acrylic protective shields for x-ray scanners in the access control areas according to the recommendations of visiting occupational physicians.

Although the x-ray scanners in the access control areas of TSMC are all in accordance with the standards of the Atomic Energy Council, TSMC installed acrylic protective shields and designated restricted areas based on the recommendations of occupational after their on-site visit to prevent security guards and employees from accidentally entering the radiation exposure access control area by reaching for their personal objects too early. The Company also enforced the standard protection protocols for security guards, including regular radiation monitoring in the access control area, badge use among operating workers and annual ionizing radiation-related health examinations.

TSMC is attentive to protecting the health of its employees, and values the physicians' suggestions with active improvements. By direct inspection of work sites, we are able to obtain a better understandings of the work environment of fab employees and their tasks. As a result, we can now offer more helpful return-to- work and work adjustment suggestions.

- Chih-Fu Wei, Occupational Physician, National Taiwan University hospital

TSMC carries out occupational safety and health control, and complies with the requirements and expectations of internal and external stakeholders. In addition to the continual refinement of existing safety and risk management promotion measures, the Company will strengthen the prevention of occupational diseases in the future, and make progress towards achieving its goal as the best healthy workplace.