First in the Semiconductor Industry to Adopt Two Waste Resource Regeneration Technologies

TSMC was first in the semiconductor industry to adopt two waste resource regeneration technologies

1. Copper Extraction from Waste Copper Sulfate

In 2016, TSMC cooperated with vendors to develop and implement in-house copper extraction equipment to produce copper tube 9.7 metric tons from copper sulfate. This system avoids sending 445 metric tons waste copper sulfate out for external treatment, saving NT$2.2 million.

2. Waste Sulfuric Acid On-site Regeneration and Reuse

In 2015, TSMC has successfully implemented the first regeneration system for regenerating waste sulfuric acid. This recycled acid is used on-site to react with ammonia wastewater to produce reusable ammonium sulfate. This system avoids the discharge of ammonia wastewater into public wastewater treatment plants and reduces waste sulfuric acid outsourced for treatment. In 2016, a waste sulfuric acid regeneration system was set up at all fabs, and 46,889 metric tons waste sulfuric acid were reused on-site for a cost saving effect of NT$150 million.