Han Wen Fung (left), Director of Corporate Environmental Safety and Health Division at TSMC, presented an award to Chang Chun Petrochemical Company for its outstanding energy efficiency.
In 2020, Chang Chun Petrochemical Company shared its experience and achievements in electricity saving with 180 supplier representatives at the first sharing seminar.

TSMC Shares Its Experience in Energy Saving to Extend Green Performance and Helps Supply Chain Save 97 Million kWh of Electricity

Working Together to Mitigate Extreme Climate Risks, TSMC Encourages Suppliers to Set a Goal of Green Manufacturing and Work towards It
Larry Sun

As a practitioner of green power, TSMC has assimilated green management into its business. In 2019, the Company effectively reduced its electricity consumption by 300 million kWh. In order to amplify the effects of green performance among the overall semiconductor supply chain, the Company has initiated the discussion on energy saving and carbon reduction at the experience sharing seminar on supply chain energy and water conservation. In addition to sharing experience and providing assistance, TSMC also urged suppliers to set their goals of annual energy saving and carbon reduction. In 2019, 12 suppliers responded to TSMC’s call for energy conservation and saved 97M kWh of electricity throughout the year. TSMC has recognized the outstanding suppliers for their achievements in carbon reduction over the past year and invited them to share their carbon reduction measures. The Company hopes more suppliers can join us for the green initiative and collaborate together to achieve the goal of 1.5 billion kWh of cumulative electricity consumption reduction by 2030.

TSMC Continues to Share Its Experiences, Technologies and Solutions on Environmental, Safety and Health

In the first quarter of 2020, TSMC organized an experience sharing seminar on “Engery and water conservations,” where two TSMC power and water treatment experts shared the Company’s experience through application of heat pumps in power system and air conditioning system, as well as the Company’s waste water classification and recycling methods, helping suppliers to improve their capability of energy and water saving. In the second quarter of 2020, experience sharing seminar will focus on fire prevention and controland fire system maintenance, actively working together to build a safe workplace.

Sessions and Topics of the 2020 Experience Sharing Seminars on Environmental, Safety and Health

Electricity Saving Experience Shared by High Performance Suppliers

The experience sharing seminar has entered its second year, with 180 supplier representatives attending the first session. In addition to sharing TSMC's own experience, the Company also invited Chang Chun Petrochemical Company, which has excellent energy conservation performance, to share how to develop innovative solutions based on the company's existing energy saving and carbon reduction measures. TSMC's Corporate Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Division also awarded Chang Chun Petrochemical Company with the "Environmental, Safety and Health Model Award" for its achievement on energy saving and carbon reduction.

In 2018, the Group built an energy conservation and carbon reduction organization and set the goal to reduce water, electricity and steam consumption by 3% per year. Our Chairman of the Board of Directors chairs monthly meetings to review the implementation of each energy and water consumption reduction program on a regular basis, ensure the practice in compliancewith relevant government regulations and laws, and achieve the goal of energy and carbon reduction.

- Jack Hsu, Vice President of General Management Office at Chang Chun Group

The Winner of "Environmental, Safety and Health Model Award"— Energy Saving Solutions of Chang Chun Petrochemical Company

TSMC's determination to mitigate climate change has not only been implemented in its daily operations, but also through supplier experience sharing seminars. TSMC has asked its suppliers and partners to set and achieve specific sustainability goals in order to enhance the semiconductor industry's ability ofenergy and carbon reduction, and steadily move toward supply chain sustainability goal of 1.5 billion kWh of cumulative electricity savings by 2030.

- Han Wen Fung, Director of Corporate Environmental, Safety and Health Division at TSMC

TSMC will continue to hold practical experience sharing seminars in the future, and will assist upstream and downstream suppliers to improve environmental performance, reduce fire risks, and create a safe and healthy work environment through on-site evaluation of suppliers' production lines, coaching, and tracking of improvement progress and other specific actions. Beginning in November 2019, TSMC further began to build the "Supply Chain 360" system to integrate the communication channels between TSMC with its suppliers through a powerful digital platform, implement analysis and tracking management of manufacturers' sustainable performance, and continue to build a sustainable semiconductor industry chain. The system is expected to be online by the end of 2020.