J.K. Wang, TSMC Senior Vice President (front row, 3rd from the left) and Dan Lee, General Manager of Bureau Veritas Taiwan (front row, 3rd from the right) expected everyone to go forward on the path to achieving energy and carbon reduction.
J.K. Wang, TSMC Senior Vice President (right) received the TM002 method certificate from Dan Lee, General Manager of Bureau Veritas Taiwan (left).

Green Efforts Pay off as TSMC Becomes Taiwan's First Semiconductor Company to Receive Carbon Credits under the TM002 Method

TSMC's Energy and Carbon Reduction Committee Drives 1.2 Billion kWh Power Reduction in Four Years
Jack Wen
Hsuan-Man Chu

As climate change persists, TSMC considers curbing greenhouse gas emissions as its responsibility to fulfill for the Company's sustainable development and management. The Energy and Carbon Reduction Committee, led by Senior Vice Presidents and , is charged with promoting TSMC's green innovation practices. As of the end of 2019, TSMC has reduced its power consumption by 1.2 billion kWh, an achievement recognized by the Environmental Protection Administration and third-party certifiers. As the first Taiwanese semiconductor company implementing the , TSMC will receive carbon credits equivalent to five million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

The Energy and Carbon Reduction Committee at TSMC was established in 2016, the Company's top management organization in taking action on climate change risk and opportunity. This committee holds quarterly meetings to review on energy efficiency and carbon emission indexes, tracking energy saving activities progress of related divisions and reduction goal setting with all IC Fabs, Advanced Backend Fabs, R&D center, Facility, Advanced Technology Management Center, Corporate ESH division, Finance, and Product Equipment Procurement Division members.

TSMC makes continuous contribution to drive the development of green manufacturing with optimal energy-efficient resources. This green action is TSMC's commitment to building a sustainable society.

- J.K. Wang, Senior Vice President of Operations / Fab Operations at TSMC

TSMC Energy and Carbon Reduction Committee and the Key Focuses

Complying with Taiwan's Carbon Reduction Policy, TSMC Passed the Certification for Carbon Reduction

In November 2018, Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency announced "TM002 Emission reduction method for fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-GHGs) and N2O by using abatement equipment in the semiconductor industry" and carbon credit application regulation. TSMC voluntarily installed thousands of F-GHGs and N2O reduction Point-Of-Use abatement and complied with this method and regulation.

TSMC's F-GHGs Emission Performance by Year

In January 2019, TSMC started carbon credit project application process at its Fab 15A by method study, accumulated experience and fanned out to its Fab 14B and Fab 12B. All of three Fabs have successfully passed the certification by Environmental Protection Agency, and completed the application in October 2019. TSMC was the first semiconductor company passed the third-party certification of the TM002 method in Taiwan, receiving the carbon credits with 5 million tons of CO2e in the coming ten years.

Milestone of Carbon Credit Project Certification

Bureau Veritas Taiwan is one of the audit companies with the most rigorous review and certification process in Taiwan. To receive the certification, TSMC has proved their excellent carbon reduction efforts and robust internal review process. Congratulations to TSMC on obtaining the carbon credit certification.

- Dan Lee, General Manager of Bureau Veritas Taiwan Branch Commodities, Industry & Facilities Division